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Welcome to the Madam Sew collection of easy free sewing patterns, tutorials a,nd inspiration for sewing enthusiasts, both beginners and more advanced, all written by the Madam Sew Team.

We have been sharing tutorials about sewing and quilting on MadamSew.com for more than five years now and we decided to give you a more structured overview of our little goldmine. All the sewing patterns below are free, with no cost attached, and a lot of them can be made with fabric scraps, which makes it even more economical. Some tutorials have printable PDF downloads, some just explain how to cut your fabrics step by step. Every tutorial has clear pictures and a lot of them come with a YouTube video.

I structured all these sewing projects and patterns into seven categories. Some blogs might appear in more than one category. Most projects are doable for beginners and won’t take long to construct. You will need some basic sewing knowledge to start. Knowing how to sew with a sewing machine and knowing how to do a straight stitch will bring you a long way. If you are uncertain about this, I wrote a complete guide on how to learn to sew. You can read these two blogs first, practice a little, and then come back to this collection when you feel confident enough to start sewing your first item.

Free Sewing Projects in Seven Categories

  1. Fast and easy
  2. Made out of fabric scraps
  3. For the home
  4. Garments and costumes
  5. For Children
  6. Bags and Pouches
  7. Other Accessories

When you scroll through all these articles, you will want to start sewing and planning for future projects today! Click on the images to go to the tutorials. We hope you enjoy picking out your next project, whether for your own use or a gift for a loved one.

Madam Sew Sewing Projects and Patterns

1. Fast and Easy

Here I put projects that are easy to make and won’t take a lot of your time. They are simple and can be used as a last-minute DIY gift. You need some basic sewing skills and you’ll probably have fabric in your possession that you can use to make these. I’m always amazed how little I have to buy to make something nice if I do a good search in my personal fabric stash and scrap boxes (yes, I plead guilty, I have multiple).

2. Home Decor and Kitchen

I find making some beautiful or useful items for my home very satisfying. It can make your home more ‘your own space’, a warm, personal and welcoming environment. For example a floor pillow, cushions for the sofa, table runners for specific holidays, a flag garland for birthday parties. Some of the items I created for my kitchen are environment-friendly because they are reusable. I made bowl covers and cloth napkins that are replacing the disposable plastic foil or single-use paper napkins. An item I would love to make in the future, is a wall hanging for our living room. The art part of it scares me a bit. :-)

3. Garments and Costumes

Sewing clothing for my kids is what motivated me to start sewing in the first place. Making cute baby and toddler trousers, dresses, rompers, or pajamas is so much fun! And little kids don’t complain. They are just cute! Clothing patterns are more complicated to make because we don’t have an inhouse pattern making expert. Still, some patterns have a printable PDF.

And when Halloween is approaching I often make a costume or part of the outfit. The rules for costumes are less ‘strict’ than in garment sewing.

4. For Children

What can you sew for children? Bibs are one of the more popular sewing projects to make for the young ones. Even though a bib is very ‘functional’, it is nice to have some beautiful bibs, especially when they are teething and there is a lot of drool. If the bib fits the outfit, it can be worn like a little scarf that keeps the neckline dry. Then there are toys and stuffed animals that make fantastic personal gifts. When they go to daycare or school, you can make little bags for lunch boxes, snacks, pencases, drawstring bags for swimwear or even the backpacks to carry all of the above.

5. Bags and Pouches

In this section you will find free patterns to make bags and pouches yourself. Looking for a tutorial to sew a makeup bag, a craft project bag, a pouch for cutlery, a yoga bag, a wallet, a vinyl zipper pouch...? Check the links below! Get inspired and make a tote bag, grocery bag or a small card holder. Depending on how big the bag is that you are creating, you can use fabric scraps or pay a visit to your favorite local fabric store 🙂

6. Fabric Scraps

A lot of the projects listed in the other categories can be made out of scraps, it depends on how big you consider a fabric piece to be a scrap fabric. I love scraps. I see so much potential in them that it is hard for me to throw them away, but they quickly multiply and get out of control. That is where these scrap busting projects come in. The projects listed below use a more-than-average amount of small fabric pieces. You can also check out this blog where 10 projects with scraps are shown. The sanitary pad tutorial was made for a charity project collaboration. You can make tons of those and all send them to Pachamama and help women that don’t have access to sanitary products.

7. Other Accessories

I grouped some nice sewing projects here that don’t fit the other categories. New categories may arise in the future, because we are publishing new tutorials every month on the Madam Sew Sewing and Quilting Blog.

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I hope you like this overview of our free sewing projects and that you can find some interesting projects for to start working on. For me, it was nice to go through all my old blogs and get an overview of what we have and seeing some gaps of things we can still create. I am definitely going to make some of these again for myself, starting with the bunting (birthday parties coming up) and then the foldable grocery bag. I lost mine some weeks ago and I really miss having that reusable bag in my purse!


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these Madam Sew sewing tutorials, don’t hesitate to get in touch! an@madamsew.com


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