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How to Make Reusable Makeup Wipes

Sew these reusable make-up wipes in no time!

This is a very easy little project. Making 1 make-up wipe takes no more than 5 minutes!

These wipes are a perfect scrap buster. All you need are two 4 by 4 inch fabric pieces. You will also cut down on your waste and cost because with these in your bathroom you will be using and buying less single-use wipes, right? And they also make a great little gift for a friend. If you make 5 wipes from your pretty scraps with a little matching drawstring bag to put them in, you will surely make someone very happy!

Don’t throw away your old towels! You can use them for this project. I have a lot of sweater fabric scraps that are very soft on the inside, so I used those. You can combine a soft layer (fleece, flannel, sweater, towel fabric) with a cotton layer or just use 2 soft layers, whatever you prefer.

don't throw towels
seater fabric scrap
soft layer fleece

How to make 1 make-up wipe:

  • Cut two 4 by 4 inch squares.
rotary cutter
cut 4 quares
  • Pin them together, right sides facing each other. I like to use flower pins or clips for pinning. Flower pins because they are long and you can grab them easily by the flower. And clips are just the greatest sewing invention since the sewing machine. Cut two 4 by 4 inch squares.
flower pins
  • Sew all around with a ⅝ inch seam allowance, leave a 1 inch turning hole in one of the sides. Backstitch before and after that turning hole.
sew all around with 5/8 seam allowance
leave 1 inch turning hole
backstitch before and after

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  • Trim the corners.
trim the corners
  • Turn right sides out. Tuck the seam of the turning hole in. Pin or clip down. I use a magic wand for pushing out corners.
turn right side out
pin or clip down
  • Topstitch all around at ¼ inch from the edge, closing the turning hole. If you don’t want to topstitch, you can close the turning hole with a ladder stitch by hand.
topstitch all around 1/4 from the edge
close the turning hole
close with ladder stitch
finish makeup wipes

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Happy Sewing!


Download the tutorial HERE

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Great idea!


Thank you for giving the tutorial, I will be making thesee for my 4 granddaughters.

Joan Comerford

Thank you for giving the tutorial, I will be making thesee for my 4 granddaughters.

Joan Comerford

As a new customer, I have been very pleased with tools I have ordered.

A suggestion for tutorials, it would be great if you offered a “printable” option for those of us that prefer to print pattern directions rather than watching videos, etc.

Thanks, Bonnie

Bonnie Van Geene

Thanks for this idea!


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