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How to Start Quilting

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Looking for information on how to start with quilting? You've come to the right place. The following three blog posts guide any beginner through the first steps of starting quilting as a hobby. You'll learn the basic terminology, what are the essential tools, how to choose fabrics, what the best beginner exercises are, your first quilting project... You can go straight to the blogs by clicking on the links below or get more details by reading on.

1. Basic Quilt Terminology

In this blog post, you will learn what quilting is, what the different parts of a quilt are, and some basic quilt terminology so you will understand instructions, tutorials, and patterns better when you want to learn how to quilt on your own.

To get started read Learn The Essential Quilt Terminology.

2. The Essential Tools and Materials To Start with Quilting

When you want to start with quilting, you need some equipment. This blog post explains in detail what tools you need as a beginner and what to pay attention to when shopping. It is essential to get a couple of good-quality tools from the start. You want to avoid buying unnecessary gadgets when you are unsure if you will pursue this hobby. But I'm sure you'll be hooked on quilting pretty fast - it is such a beautiful craft - and you will want all those amazing goodies that are available these days :-).

Read about the best tools for a beginner quilter in this blog.

3. The Essential Steps for a Beginner Quilter

Once you have the tools and materials to get started, the first step is to practice some techniques. In this blog post, I've listed some techniques you should master and how to practice them. After that, you are ready to go through all the phases of making a quilt. We have some free easy first-time projects for you to try with clear step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks. The blog also contains numerous links to quilt posts if you want to dive deeper. There is so much to learn but that doesn't have to scare you. Start with a simple project. Finishing an actual project is very rewarding and you'll learn a lot. When that is a success, you can take the next step.

Read over the essential steps to take as a beginner quilter in this blog and make your first quilt.

Some Essential Tools For Beginners

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