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Make These Cute Egg Cozies

These little egg cozies will keep your boiled eggs warm during your Easter brunch. They are really easy to make and you can jazz them up in any way you like: mix and match different fabrics, embroider little flowers, animals, add the first letter of the name of your loved ones, add bunny ears and a little tale…

egg hat
egg holder
egg cozie
egg cozie

I’m making them for my friend that owns a bed and breakfast. She is making a lot of eggs and the guests aren’t always at the breakfast table on time so keeping those eggs warm is important for her.

I’m adding a little pattern that you can download and print, but before you do so, check the width of your egg cups if you want the cozy to fit over the cup. The pattern here is made for cups that are about 2 ¼ inch wide.

If you are making multiple egg cozies, I would copy the pattern on a little piece of cardboard. That makes copying the pattern on your fabric pieces a lot easier.

You need

-Fabric scraps of at least 4 ½ by 4 ½ inch, 4 pieces (2 for the outer fabric and 2 for the lining)
-⅛ inch thick batting (cotton or polyester)
-1 little strip of twill tape or some other ribbon, 1-2 inches
-The pattern, download the PDF HERE and print it out.

1. Copy the pattern on your fabric pieces and cut out

        • 2 pieces for the outside of the cozie
        • 2 pieces for the inside of the cozie
        • 2 pieces of the batting
egg cozie tutorial
cutting fabric
heat erasable fabric marker
marking on batting
fabric pieces

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2. Baste stitch or fuse the batting on the wrong side of the 2 lining fabric pieces. You can also skip this step and go to step 3, grabbing all 4 layers at once in this order: batting-lining-lining-batting

adding batting
adding batting tutorial

3. Sew the curved side of the interior fabric together, wrong sides facing each other. Leave the straight side open and leave a turning hole of 1 inch and a half in the curved side as well. Trim the edges as much as you can. That will make the end result a lot cleaner and professional looking.

sewing machine batting
sew batting to fabric
turning hole sewing
turn right side out sewing
cut off the edges sewing

4. Position and pin the piece of ribbon on one of the outer fabric pieces, double folded, raw edges matching. Sew it attached on that piece or pin and grab it when you sew the 2 layers in step 5.

egg cozy
egg cozy tutorial

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5. Sew the 2 sides of the outer fabric together, wrong sides facing each other, grabbing the raw edges of the ribbon as well.

egg sew
egg 2 sides
egg sides facing
egg riboon

6. Put the outer and inner fabric pieces together, right sides facing each other. The outer fabric is on the outside, wrong sides out. The lining is on the inside, batting facing inward. Sew the bottom side together all the way around.

inner fabric
egg fabric
pins sewing project
sewing machine sew together
sew the buttom

7. Trim the edges and turn the fabric right side out through the turning hole of the lining.

trim the edges
turning hole
fabric hole
egg fabric

8. Put the outer fabric inside the lining to close the turning hole. Do this with a ladder stitch by hand. I have a ladder stitch tutorial here if you don’t know how to do this.

trim the edges
sew to close
stitch tutorial

9. Push the lining inside the outer fabric and press.

diy egg cozy

10. You can stop here or you can pull the lining a little towards the outside, about ⅛ of an inch and topstitch in the crease (where the Lining and outer fabric meet) all around so you can see the lining.

egg cozy tutorial
egg cozy

Your egg cozy is ready!

egg cozy
egg cozy

Download the pattern piece HERE

Download the tutorial HERE

Hope you have a lovely day and you planned some sewing time!!

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