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Free headband sewing pattern and tutorial: How to sew a fleece headband

Learn how to sew a cute and cozy ear warmer headband with a knotted front made of heavenly soft and warm fleece with this fast and easy sewing tutorial. I love this headband pattern because it’s both beautiful, functional and it doesn’t take much time to sew! Make it for yourself or gift it to friends or family.

This headband will keep your ears nice and toasty this winter. It has 2 layers of fleece, so you can wear it on both sides if you want. For the people among us with long hair, you can wear your hair up to run or walk outside without getting cold! And the best thing, if you use fleece scraps and leftovers from other projects, it won’t cost you anything. I used scraps from the fleece knot blanket I made a couple of months ago.

A picture of the fleece headband pattern on a women's head with long hair you can download for free
a resversible headband you can sew out of fleece fabric on a women's head

Today I’m sharing the full tutorial of this project with a youtube video plus a free downloadable sewing pattern with you. You can download and print the PDF of the headband pattern for free. The link is at the end of this blog article. This diy ear warmer is a beginner friendly sewing project. Anyone with basic sewing skills can make this headband.

As for the size, you can easily adapt this headband to the size you need. Make the main pattern pieces a bit more narrow and be sure to fit in step 4 before sewing the 2 ends together. My head circumference is 23 ¼ inch. I know, I have a big head. So if yours is bigger, make the 2 large pattern pieces a bit longer.

What you need to make the headband

the tools and fabrics you need to make a headband: clips, fabric marker, scissors, fleece fabric and the free pattern download

Step 1: Copy and cut out the fabric pieces for the headband

1. Measure the circumference of your head to check if my one size free pattern will be large enough for you. If your head’s circumference is smaller than 23 ¼ inch, then you are good to go with the pattern included. If not, be sure to make the large pattern pieces a little longer. The total length should equal the circumference of your head.

Have you seen our newest tape ruler, the body self measuring tape? With this measuring tape you can easily measure any circumference of your own body without the help of others.

an easy measuring tape to measure your head's circumference on a women's head

2. Print the headband pattern pieces. There are 2 pieces on 1 letter size paper to print. Cut out these 2 pattern pieces.

the pattern to make a fleece headband or earwarmer
the 2 pattern pieces of the PDF pattern free download to make earwarmers

3. Copy the 2 pattern pieces on your fabric with a temporary fabric marker. Copy both pieces twice. You can use the same fabric for both sides or use 2 different ones if you want.

The main headband pattern piece has to be cut on the fold. This means you have to fold your fabric in half and position the top part at the fold so your fabric piece will be twice the length of the paper fabric piece.

4. Cut out the 4 pattern pieces out of the fleece fabric with fabric scissors

Step 2: Assemble the main headband piece

1. Pin the 2 big fabric pieces together, right sides facing each other. I like to use sewing clips instead of pins. They can handle thick fabrics easily and you have no risk of getting pin pricks.

a women using sewing clips instead of sewing pins to pin 2 pattern pieces together

2. Sew the 2 long edges of the headband pieces at ⅜ inch seam allowance. Leave the two short edges open. Cut the thread ends and trim the edges if necessary.

3. Turn the big tube you created right sides out. This tube is easy to turn inside out but if you are making a slimmer version of the headband, the MadamSew Tube Turner Sets can come in handy to turn the tube right side out.

Step 3: Assemble the ring piece

1. Pin the 2 small fabric pieces together, right sides facing each other

2. Sew the 2 long edges at ⅜ inch seam allowance

3. Turn the small tube right sides out

4. Sew the short ends together at ⅜ inch seam allowance so you get a little ring or a loop.

5. Trim the edges a little if necessary. Fleece doesn’t fray so you don’t have to worry too much about finishing the edges.

6. Turn the little ring right sides out.

Step 4: Finish the headband

1. Slide 1 of the short edges of the main headband into the ring and slide the ring to the middle so it is out of the way.

2. Wrap the headband around your head to test if it fits. Mark where you want to sew and cut the excess fabric off. Pin the 2 short open ends together with sewing clips and sew across the open end at ⅜ inch seam allowance.

3. Trim the edges of the sewn seam a little if necessary.

4. Slide the little ring over the seam and hide this seam inside the little ring.

the finished earwarmers you can make yourself out of fleece fabric
the finished headband you can make yourself out of fleece fabric

5. Secure the ring in place with a hand stitch if you want. Don’t do this, if you want to be able to turn the loop when you are wearing the head band on both sides.

You’re all done with the fleece headband, aka the earwarmer. I told you this free headband sewing pattern is an easy project!

You can also make it with a warm knit fabric or a towel fabric to use as a cosmetic hair band to get your hair out of the way when washing your face or applying makeup. Any fabric with some stretch will work for this hair band. You can use different fabrics for inside and outside or the ring. Mix and match to make the headband you need, for yourself or your loved ones.

It would be great if you could share this free headband sewing pattern with other sewing enthusiasts and show the headband you made in our facebook group to inspire our sewing community or post it on Instagram with the hashtag MadamSew. Our very lively sewing community loves seeing what others are making!

If you want to check out a different style head band, last year I made a tutorial for a summer hairband. It is a twisted headband in cotton fabric with an enclosed elastic part at the back. I haven’t tried to make this type of head band out of fleece. I’m afraid it would get too bulky.

Any questions? Pop me an email

Happy Sewing!

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Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. A friend and I are planning on teaching a group of ladies who are in recovery how to make these for themselves.


Great pattern with clear instructions! It was fast, easy, and fun to do on a freezing cold day. Thanks!

Becky Fendrick

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