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The MadamSew Chalk Marker is a temporary marker with a toothed metal wheel that produces fine lines of chalk on fabrics. These fabric markers are always sharp and draw both straight and curvy lines. No need to sharpen the tip. The chalk doesn’t fade or brush off unwantedly, but is easy to remove. The chalk marker’s wheel rolls smoothly over cotton, knit fabrics, jersey, synthetic fibers, suede, leather... (Don’t use them on silk and nylon fabrics!) 


  • Very fine and precise chalk lines on many different types of fabric

  • Dosing wheel technology: a toothed metal wheel at the tip distributes the chalk evenly as you roll it along

  • Always sharp

  • Reliable chalk lines, that stay put while sewing

  • Ergonomic design; easy to hold because of the recessed tip and the overall shape of the pen

  • Has a cap; protects the wheel and makes sure the chalk stays in the pen

  • Refillable;  chalk marker refills are available in our sewing and quilting store

The powdered chalk comes in 3 colors: red, yellow and white. Don’t forget to choose your color when you order. Having more than one color at your disposal allows you additional options when marking fabrics of different hues and prints, or if you need to make distinguishing marks on your fabric.

The blue chalk marker is on close-out. Check out our great deal for the blue chalk marker on our store.



SIZE: 4 inches long, ½ inch thick

WEIGHT: 0.68 oz (19 gm) 

Available in 3 colors: yellow, white, red. Choose your color before you place an order! The blue chalk marker is on close-out. Check out this great deal for the blue chalk marker.

The chalk markers are refillable, buy your chalk marker refills here :



The MadamSew Chalk Markers don’t fade or brush off too easily, but at the same time they are not hard to rub off either. Gently rub the fabric with your hands or a brush, wash out with plain water, or remove with a damp cloth. 

Always test on a project scrap fabric before using any marker on a finished project. You never know how a certain fabric will react!

If you want to learn more about the chalk markers and how to use them, check out our online tutorial and video about the MadamSew Chalk Markers.



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Customer Reviews

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Wendy Tindell
I love this!

This is THE easiest way to mark fabric. Irs quick and precise.I don't gave to worry about a thick line skewing things.

Marcia Anderson
Chalk is so versatile!

This marker comes in so handy almost every time I need to mark fabric, especially when boxing corners.

Linda Perry
Best Ever

This is the best idea ever for marking material. Whoever came up with this was genius. I will always use this to mark my material from now on. I love the fact that Madam Sew is a home grown business—love supporting local

Vernie Love
I really like these

So handy.

Ann Rushing
Chalk Marker

I love this marker! My recent purchase of 4 markers are replacements for markers lost and/or misplaced in a recent move. As they were on the sale….buy one, get one. Yes, great deal! Thank you, Madam Sew!