Rotary Cutter - 60mm or 45mm or 28mm

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Finish that quilting or sewing project in record time with these MadamSew Rotary Cutters! Quilters already know the benefits of cutting with a rotary cutter instead of scissors but sewists can also benefit from cutting fabric with rotating cutting blades! A rolling razor blade cuts faster, more layers and allows you to cut very accurately.


  • SHARP - Your rotary cutter is as precise as you are! Razor sharp tungsten steel means you barely have to press while the blade melts through multiple layers of fabric, felt, vinyl or leather. Precision engineering ensures an edge that lasts and lasts without skipping.

  • ERGONOMIC - The rotary cutter design guarantees maximum comfort and won't wear your hands out during long sewing and quilting sessions.

  • SAFE - The sliding blade protection on both sides prevents accidental cuts from the very sharp blade. Always engage the blade guard when the cutter is not in use.

  • We carry Replacement Blades at very good prices.



  • 3 BLADE SIZES AVAILABLE: 60mm or 45mm or 28mm

The larger the blade size, the more fabric you can cut and the faster you can cut it. The smaller the blade, the more versatile your cutter will be. A 28 mm rotary cutter is used mainly for making small cuts or for cutting curves. The 45 mm is the allrounder. The 60 mm is the best choice if you mainly want to cut straight lines, lots of yards and multiple layers of fabric. 

  • The 45 and 60 mm rotary cutters are 7 ⅝ inches long. The 28 mm cutter is 6 inches long.
  • Material: tungsten steel blades + plastic handle



Click through to the online instructions on

how to use a rotary cutter or

how to change the blades.

We pride ourselves on making clear instructions for all of our products so you always get the best out of your sewing and quilting tools.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 122 reviews
    Ms Bj Crookshank
    I see 🌟 stars!

    5 of them. Sharp and easy cutting blades & a new one on standby!
    Love it.

    Kathy H.

    This Rotary Cutter works very well. It uses Their blades. The blades have built in notches on the blade to prevent unwanted moves.

    Dyer Arlene


    Carrie B
    Great rotary cutter

    Ordered the 60mm rotary cutter. Love it! The handle is comfortable and and cutting is smooth. Wish I would have purchased sooner!

    Tracy Goss
    28mm rotary cutter

    I was very excited to get this item. I love how small the blade is so it’s easy to cut around small curves. It’s very lightweight in my hand, and easy to handle. Unfortunately, the button that pushes the blade out is very stiff. I have a little arthritis in my thumb, which makes it incredibly difficult to push the button and slide the blade out. Wish I had purchased an Olfa which has an easier button lock.