Rotary Cutter 45mm/28mm and Spare Blades: Manual

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How to change the blade of your rotary cutter.


Close the safety shield and put the rotary cutter in your hand, the blade facing down
Untighten the golden nut. Hold the screw head with your fingers.
Remove the golden nut.
Remove the washer.
Put it on your table like a cowboy hat.
Keep the different parts at hand and leave them in the order and direction you removed so you don’t get confused when assembling the cutter again.
Turn the rotary cutter around and remove the screw + the big plastic washer.
Carefully remove the old blade.
Put the new blade in place.
Put the big plastic washer + the screw back in the hole.
Hold them with your finger, turn the rotary cutter around.
Put the little washer around the screw. It’s important to put the washer so that is touches the plastic of the rotary cutter. If there is some space between the washer and the cutter, you won’t be able to tighten the screw completely and your blade will not be tigh.
Screw on the nut as tight as possible.
There is no space between the nut and the rotary cutter.
If you can’t tighten the screw after changing your blade or you can’t get a good grip on the screw, you probably didn’t position your washer in the right way. The video might clarify this for you.