How to Make an Earplug Holder, a Charger Cable Holder & a Coin Purse

Are your earplugs and your charger cable all tangled up in your bag? Let’s get organized in a quick, easy, and stylish DIY way :-)))

In this post, I’ll explain how to make these 3 cute accessories with faux leather, and once you have everything in place, you will have these finished in no time, I promise! 2 of 3 projects are even NO SEW projects. Oh, no! For the purse there is a little sewing, I promise :-)

While I was working with this faux leather, I decided to make 2 little holes in my phone case (store-bought!) and pulled a little leather thread through them so I can hang my phone around my neck. I’m so very happy with this little hack. I can walk around with some music on and I won’t be searching for my phone as much around the house, I hope. I feel so organized :-)))

Tips For Working With Faux Leather

Let's start with some General Tips when working with faux leather:

Faux leather is artificial or synthetic leather. There are 2 primary types: PU (polyurethane) and PVC or Vinyl (polyvinyl chloride). Both are used for clothing, accessories & upholstery. PU fabric is softer, more flexible, and breathable. Vinyl is better to repel moisture and is used for book bindings or cases for electronic devices. Faux leather is easy to work with but it doesn’t stretch, breathe, or wear like real leather. For these projects, you can use both.

Raw edges of faux leather won’t fray, so you can leave your edges unfinished. Yay! Plus, the visible edges give your project a great look!

  • Use clips & pattern weights instead of pins
  • Use a leather or denim needle
  • Use a non stick/teflon foot if your foot doesn’t slide over the fabric properly. There is one in our 32 pcs presser foot set, foot number 13: How to Use the Non-Stick Foot and the Roller Foot
  • Press the fabric from the back side
  • Don’t copy and cut the fabric on the fold
  • Loosen the tension on your thread a bit
  • Test your stitches and widen your stitch length to 3 or even 3.5
  • Do not backstitch but leave long threads at the beginning and the end. Tie them and hide the thread ends between the layers.
  • When you remove any stitches, there will be holes in the fabric, so be careful
  • Use your needle down position to be more in control

What You Need To Make Faux Leather Accessories

  • A small piece of faux leather
  • 3 snap buttons + the tool to attach them
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Your sewing machine
  • A leather needle
  • Rotary cutter & mat and/or fabric scissors
  • Fabric clips
  • A non-stick foot

Cut out the pattern piece that you can download from this tutorial and print at home. Copy the pattern piece on the backside of the faux leather with a marker & cut it out with your scissors.

First, make the holes for the buttons with an awl or use the pliers/tools you got with your snaps. Very often there is a hammer involved too! Then attach all 4 parts in the indicated spots.

  • Check out my Plastic Buttons Tutorial
  • For the metal buttons, check out the video that goes with this blog post, but, not all snap button systems are alike. Check out the instructions you got with the ones you have.

Optional: Give a little cut in the fold through the fabric for your phone connector. If you put your audio connector or mini USB through this hole, you will always have your holder handy because the holder is attached on the cable when you are using the cable.

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The earplug- holder is ready!

1. The length of the charger holder can vary, depending on the size of your charger: Measure how long a strip of faux leather you’ll need to wrap around your cable + charger. Add ½ inch for the closure.

2. Cut a strip of faux leather 1 inch wide & the length you just measured.

3. Make a little cut in the middle so you can pull the phone connector through.

4. Make the holes for the snap button and attach the button parts.

The charger holder is ready!

1. Cut out the pattern piece.

2. Copy the pattern piece on the backside of the faux leather with an erasable marker. Mark the dots for the snaps and the fold lines & cut out the pattern piece.

3. Fold over triangle number 1 onto 2. Close the marked side of 2 with your sewing machine. Use a non-stick foot.

4. Make the holes for the snap button and attach the button parts. I also added a little golden leaf to hide a little non-erasable ink stain I made on the fabric.

5. Trim the edges, if you want…

 The triangle coin pouch is ready!

These three little projects are so easy and so very quick to make. This soft faux leather is really easy to work with. There are no edges to finish and you can use your regular sewing machine. I even feel like I don’t have to explain them but I do hope I inspired you to get you some of this material and start making little accessories. It’s really fun and these accessories will make great gifts!

Happy crafting!

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