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Christmas in July - Christmas Ornament Tutorial

It’s Christmas in July here at MadamSew! This is a quick and easy sewing project and a fun way to use up some of your fabric stash of Christmas prints while making lovely gifts for your family and friends. These Christmas ornaments are so fast to make! They make wonderful party favors for your quilt club’s Christmas luncheon too!

small or large buttons can be use
ornament project

Prepare your sewing area with your equipment. Sewing machine, with a 1/4-inch quilting foot and a walking foot for quilting, Thread, Needles, Straight Pins (Glass head pins preferred), Thread snips, Rotary Cutter 45mm, 6x24-inch ruler and mat, safety gloves, optional ruler grip, Iron and ironing board, and Wool Pressing Mat.

Cutting Instructions

  • Cut two 5-inch squares of focus fabric
  • Cut two 5-inch squares of accent fabric
  • Cut two 5-inch squares of batting
  • Cut 1 piece of gold ribbon about 6 inches for hanger
cutting squares

Assemble the Christmas Ornament

Place one focus fabric square right sides together with one square of accent fabric. Place on top of one batting square.

Place on top of one batting square

Sew with a quarter inch seam around the edges, leaving an opening for turning. I'm using the 1/4 inch quilting foot with guide to keep my seams consistent.

Sew with a quarter inch seam

Clip the corners.

Clip corners

Turn with fabrics right side out keeping the batting inside. Push corners out to a nice point.

Push corners out to a nice point

Topstitch all the way around at about 1/8-inch, closing the opening and finishing the edge.

Topstitch all the way around at about 1/8-inch

Repeat with the second set of squares. The squares are ready now!

Repeat with the second set of squares.

Finishing the Christmas Ornament

Place loop of ribbon on one side of a square in a corner, crossing the ends. Pin in place.

Pin in place

Place the second square on top, making sure the same fabrics are facing. Use clips or pins to hold in place and keep the squares from shifting.

Use clips or pins to hold in place

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Lightly draw a straight line from the corner with the ribbon to the opposite corner, and sew on that line.

sew on that line

Remove the pin and clips. Fold the unsewn corners on the top square to meet, and hand tack.

Fold the unsewn corners

Add a decorative button, or other embellishment.

Add a decorative button

Repeat with the other side.


Small or large buttons can be used. These Christmas ornaments are so quick and easy to make, that you can sew a bunch in just a day. You can use up some fabric scraps and have these lovely fabric ornaments ready for the Holidays to decorate your Christmas tree.

small or large buttons can be use

Merry Christmas in July!!

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Happy Quilting!

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Very clever idea and a cute ornament!!

Jan T

I will be making these for my church bazaar that we are having in November. They would look nice doing them with a 4 inch square and a 3 inch square. I will try all three sizes. Thank you for a great sewing project.

Vivian Overholtzer

I am teaching myself to quilt and the info that you provide is invaluable. Thank you.


Vickie Garrett

Thank for this cute ornament, i am n78 and need quick things like this, thanks,

Kaye Tufton

Perfect!!! I love Carol’s series, and this tutorial is just the right match with some holiday scraps that I have accumulated.

Cheryl Warner, Ph.D.

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