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Quilted Shoe Case

The last item in our travel case set is a shoe case. I have designed this with a fabric divider to keep your shoes from rubbing against each other and damaging the leather or any embellishments. This case is great for traveling, but could also be used to store fancy or holiday shoes that are not often worn.


Prepare your sewing area with your equipment. Sewing machine, with a 1/4-inch quilting foot and a walking foot or your MadamSew Ultimate Presser Foot Set for quilting, Thread, Needles, Straight Pins (Glass head pins preferred), Thread snips, Rotary Cutter 45mm, 6x24-inch ruler and mat, safety gloves, optional ruler grip, Iron and ironing board, and Wool Pressing Mat. Begin by selecting a pretty focus fabric, perhaps the same colors you are using for the Lingerie Case / Book Cover, Jewelry Roll, Curling Iron Case and Cosmetic Case.

This design is a good overall size and will fit high heels up to four inches high, as well as flats, in a variety of shoe sizes. I have little feet and wear a size 5, but the case will fit up to a size 10. I have some really fun party shoes, and this case will keep them nice when traveling. Both these pairs are silk, and would damage easily, plus the blue ones have rhinestone accents to protect.

shoe case

Fabric and Notion Requirements

Focus Fabric for outside - one rectangle 34-inches x 10-inches
Batting - one rectangle 34-inches x 10-inches
Quilting inner liner muslin or similar - one rectangle 34-inches x 10-inches
Lining Fabric - one rectangle 34-inches x 10-inches
Lining Fabric for Divider - one rectangle 27-inches x 10-inches
Hook and Loop tape strips - one set 8-inches

Sewing Instructions

Begin by folding the divider fabric piece, right sides together, forming the divider 10 x 13-1/2-inches, and sew the 10-inch side.

folding the divider fabric piece



Turn and press.

turn and press

Next, layer your outside focus fabric with batting and liner. Quilt as desired. Using the Walking foot makes it easy to do straight lines or cross hatching. See my post on Quilting With A Walking Foot for more information on using this foot and guide bar. You can also use the #14 hopping foot or #23 Spring Loaded foot to do free motion stippling or other designs. Small projects like this are ideal to build your free motion skills. See my previous blog posts on MadamSew’s blog on Free Motion Quilting Using Heat Erasable Markers, and How to Stipple Quilt. As an alternative, you can make the case without quilting if you desire.

Fold up one short end of the focus fabric and batting 15 inches, forming a pocket.

On the fold, mark a notch for cutting 1-inch x 2-inches with the 2-inch side along the fold.



Repeat on the opposite corner.

Cut out the notches on both sides. Repeat for the lining. Note that when you open up the pieces, one side will be longer than the other from the notch to the short edge.

cut out the notches

On the longer side, place your divider piece raw edges together, and align the seam edge with the edge of the notches.

Layer the lining on top, right sides together. Clip to hold.

clip to hold

Sew around the edge, leaving an opening for turning somewhere on the side opposite from the divider insert.

sew around the edges

Clip the outside corners off to reduce bulk just like we did on the cosmetic case. Clip into the inside corners of the notches, being careful not to cut though the stitching.

careful not to cut through the stitching



Turn right side out through the opening.

Push out the corners, then press, making sure your divider is on the lining side.

You’ll see the divider section’s lower edge is now a bit below the notch edge.

Topstitch around the edge, making sure to close the opening left for turning as you go.



Top stitching of the edge completed.

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Now, topstitch the divider between the notches. It should be laying flat. I’ve pulled it up just a bit here for clarity.

Position one of the hook and loop tape strips to the right side of the shorter section edge (the side without the divider) and topstitch into place.

On the inside lining of the longer side, position the other hook and loop tape to the lining side above the divider and in line with the other tape. Topstitch.

Fold the shorter side up, aligning notch edges and clip into place.

Topstitch along the previous lines of stitching on the long edges only.

Stop sewing at the end of the edge, then repeat for the other side.

Next, stand the bag up and pull the notches open perpendicular to the body, arranging the seam in the middle, forming the boxed bottom.

Clip or pin, then sew across the open area on top of the previous topstitching. I sewed mine on the inside of the case, but you can just as easily sew it on the outside if you prefer.



Repeat for the other corner.

Turn right side out, and it is ready to use. The divider keeps the shoes separated so one doesn’t damage the other.

The case has plenty of space with the boxed corners for high heels or flats.

This pair has 3-inch heels and fits inside easily. I still put heel to toe when positioning the shoes inside the case.

There is still space available if your heels are higher than that. This makes a great gift for young ladies with those really tall heels they like sometimes.

So, there is our five piece set of travel accessories. Many of these would be great to have more than one, like the shoe case and lingerie keeper.

If you missed the first projects, click on Lingerie Case / Book Cover, Jewelry Roll, Curling Iron Case and Cosmetic Bag. Subscribe to the Madam Sew blog so you don’t miss a thing!

Happy Quilting!

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