DIY Quilted Jewelry Roll

Today we continue with the travel set series, with a quilted jewelry roll. These make wonderful gifts for your family and friends for the holidays. Make one for yourself too!

Prepare your sewing area with your equipment. Sewing machine, with a 1/4-inch quilting foot and a walking foot or your MadamSew Ultimate Presser Foot Set for quilting, Thread, Needles, Straight Pins (Glass head pins preferred), Thread snips, Rotary Cutter 45mm, 6x24-inch ruler and mat, safety gloves, optional ruler grip, Iron and ironing board, and Wool Pressing Mat. Begin by selecting a pretty focus fabric with a contrasting lining fabric, perhaps the same colors you are using for the Lingerie Case/Book Cover.

Cutting Instructions

Jewelry Roll

Focus Fabric for outside (Cut 1)

Focus Fabric top pocket (Cut 1)

Focus Fabric middle pocket (Cut 1)

Focus Fabric bottom pocket (Cut 1)

Lining Fabric (Cut 1)

Quilting liner (muslin) (Cut 1)

Batting (Cut 1)

Ribbon (Cut 2)

16 inches x 12 inches

12 inches x 6 inches

12 inches x 8 inches

12 inches x 10 inches

16 inches x 12 inches

16 inches x 12 inches

16 inches x 12 inches

One 10 inches, one 18 inches

Begin by layering your outside focus fabric with batting and liner. Quilt as desired. Using the Walking foot makes it easy to do straight lines or cross hatching. See my post on Quilting With A Walking Foot for more information on using this foot and guide bar. You can also use the #14 hopping foot or #23 Spring Loaded foot to do free motion stippling or other designs. Small projects like this are ideal to build your free motion skills. See my previous blog posts on MadamSew’s blog on Free Motion Quilting Using Heat Erasable Markers, and How to Stipple Quilt.

Next, take your pocket pieces, and fold them in half longways, right sides together.

Sew the long edge only.

sew the long edge only

Turn and press with the seam at the bottom.

Turn and press with the seam at the bottom.

Arrange the pocket pieces on the lining fabric. Place the narrowest one at one end with the bottom edge four inches from the top edge of the lining.

Arrange the pocket pieces on the lining fabric

Place the medium size pocket piece at the nine inch line.

Place the medium size pocket piece at the nine inch line.

Place the bottom one at the 15-inch line, or about an inch from the bottom.

Place the bottom one at the 15-inch line

Stitch them to the lining across the bottom seam edge of each pocket piece. Do not stitch the sides, we’ll get those as we go along. Using the open toe acrylic foot helps you see the edge for precise sewing.

Sew all three only on that bottom edge.

Sew all three only on that bottom edge.

Position the two ribbon pieces in the middle of the bottom edge below the largest pocket and pin.

Stitch these in place, then put the ends inside the large pocket to keep them out of the way as we sew the next step.

Place the quilted outer section on top of the pocket/lining section, right sides together.

Pin, making sure the pocket sections are laying flat.

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Mark the opening area with two pins. Use these to show you where to start and stop sewing.

Sew with a quarter inch foot all around, stopping at the opening pins.

Clip corners.

Turn right side out through the opening, making sure all the corners are nice and sharp. Then topstitch all around, closing the turning opening as you go.

On the bottom pocket, the largest one near the ribbon, sew a channel down the middle of the bottom pocket section, starting from the bottom stitching line to the opening of the pocket section, creating two pockets.

Sew the middle section into three pockets by dividing the space into thirds in the same manner. Sew four pockets into the top section.

Clip all your threads, and you are done!

The jewelry roll closes by rolling from the top down, enclosing the openings in the pockets. Then tie with the longer ribbon going around the roll coming back to the top and tie in a bow.

Fully loaded with your prettiest things to carry with you or store at home. Deep pockets hold earrings, pins, bracelets and necklaces securely.

And rolls up holding your treasures safe for travel.

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Happy Quilting!

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