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MadamSew’s Quilting and Sewing Blog in 2022

Sharing sewing and quilting tutorials for our customers is very important for the MadamSew team and we love doing this, looking for new ideas and trying to be as clear as possible when it comes to explaining uses of products or step by step instructions to sew or quilt a project. All our sewing and quilting tutorials are published on the MadamSew Sewing and Quilting Blog and free for everyone to use! You can find a wealth of quilt blogs with free patterns and many sewing tutorials showing how to tackle little beginner and more advanced projects.

At the end of the year we like to look back at what we did the past year before diving into the new one with lots of new things to discover and learn in the wonderful worlds of sewing and quilting!

Meet our sewing and quilt bloggers

Cathy and An are part of the MadamSew team and write blogs for the MadamSew Sewing and Quilting Blog, but also write online manuals, take product photos, make YouTube tutorial videos, little videos with sewing hacks for social media, etc..


And then we have Carole from My Carolina Home, who has been making lovely quilt projects and quilt tutorials for MadamSew for the last 4 years. Unfortunately this was her last year with us as a monthly blogger. We are very grateful for all the wonderful blogs she made for us. All those quilting articles will remain accessible for you all! I know they will be used over and over again. Thank you Carole!

This year we also had 2 guest blogs from Angela, who is Cathy’s quilt teacher. Yes, Cathy and I both take sewing and quilting classes. We love connecting with other crafters, online and offline! And you can always learn something new, however experienced you are, right? That’s what’s so fantastic about this hobby!

Our colleague Fontaine also started blogging this fall! You might know him from his wonderfully funny Facebook Lives and the Giveaways that we organize regularly. We just loved his ‘Leaves from Sleeves’ blog. We are very curious what he will come up with next year!


MadamSew is Looking for a new blogger!

Maybe you would like to be part of our blogging team? Have you already heard that we are on the lookout for a new quilt blogger on a freelance basis? Yes, we are looking for someone to (partially) replace Carole, to write interesting articles about quilting, develop quilting tutorials, … Experience is a plus but we’ve all started somewhere so newbies are welcome to send in a candidature too!! And if you can make little tutorial videos as well, we definitely want you to get in touch with us! Check out our call-out on Facebook earlier this month or write me an email

The Best Of 2022 on the MadamSew Sewing and Quilting Blog

We published 43 new blog posts this year, 43 original articles about sewing and quilting: Little projects, free patterns for sewing and quilting, sewing techniques explained, sewing and quilting inspiration, “discover” new products... We made our first own clothing pattern, a comfy sweater dress! It is a simple pattern, doable for the novice clothing sewer, and free for everyone to download, print and use!

In case you missed some of them, here are our most popular sewing and quilt blog posts of 2022 (in a random order):

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Plans for 2023

Sharing content with our customers is very important to us. We want to help the sewing and quilting community by being a source of information and inspiration to you all. We will keep writing and sharing sewing tutorials, free patterns and sewing and quilting instructions! Did you know that every product we have in the store comes with an online user manual?

What will be new is that we are going to structure and categorize all our blog posts so you can find the information you need more easily. That long list of over 200 blog posts is not very accessible for the moment, we know. If you want to find a specific sewing tutorial today, the best way to go is to type MadamSew + what you are looking for in Google and browse through the results. That needs to change and it’s one of our priorities!

And… we look forward to find a new quilt blogger that fits our team and will create and write quilting tutorials for us!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Happy 2023!

The MadamSew Team!

Madam Sew is an online sewing and quilting store. It carries Tools, Notions, Presser Feet, Essentials, Handy Helpers, Organization/Storage Items, and more for sewers and quilters. Plus, it has many manuals and free tutorial blogs to help increase your skills.

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