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Five Sewing Tools That Sewing Enthusiasts Love

We sewing enthusiasts are a special kind of creative souls who find joy and satisfaction in crafting beautiful garments and accessories with our own hands. If you have a sewing lover in your life you know how passionate they can be about their craft. What better way to show your appreciation than by gifting them quality sewing tools that can enhance their sewing experience or make their sewing life more agreeable? If you never picked up a needle yourself, it can be hard to know what a sewistactually appreciates. In this blog post, we'll explore five fantastic tools for sewing that make perfect gifts for sewing lovers.

 I specifically chose products that are not very well known within the sewing community. Every tool in the list provides an answer to a very common sewing frustration, and it’s likely your friend or relative won’t have them in their collection. However, if you are looking for a gift for a beginner who needs basic sewing tools, check out this other blog I wrote a couple of years ago.

 I personally love the selection of sewing products in this blog and you’ll see that they are also some of our customer’s favorites. You’ll find proof of that while scrolling through the reviews on each of the product pages on the website.

Sneak Peek Of The 5 Gifts

The Hot Hem Ruler

Frustration: The process of hemming can be very time consuming and ironing consistent hems is difficult.

Solution: The Madam Sew Hot Hem Ruler is a tool for any sewing enthusiast who strives for precision in their projects. This ironing ruler is designed to help sewists create perfectly even hems with ease. Its design and material allows you to fold your fabric over the ruler, iron directly on the ruler and the fabric, thus providing consistent measurements for your hems. No more struggling with temporary marks on your fabric before you iron. No more uneven or wavy hems that can ruin a beautiful project. This tool speeds up the process of hemming considerably without giving up accuracy.

The Hot Hem Ruler is available in two sizes: 10 inch and 18 inch. After the very successful 10 inch ruler we introduced the 18 inch version this year because our customers were asking for a longer one.

“I love my Hot Hem Ruler! It makes hemming anything a breeze. Just press the fabric as you turn it over the edge of the ruler to your exact measurements. No more turning up and pinning then removing pins as you press. I always press the hem with the ruler then once it’s marked, go back over the hem with the iron to make sure it's crisp.” (05/19/2023, Michele Reavis)

A Muffling Mat for a Sewing Machine

Frustration: Your sewing machine makes a lot of noise and moves around or damages your table surface.

Solution: Every sewing lover knows that the noise of a sewing machine can be quite distracting. Madam Sew's Muffling Mat is a thoughtful gift that reduces noise of your machine while sewing. It fits perfectly under most household sewing machines, providing a cushioned surface that absorbs vibrations and minimizes the noise and vibrations produced during sewing. It also protects delicate table surfaces. This sewing machine mat allows your loved one to focus on their sewing projects without any unnecessary disruptions.

The Madam Sew muffling mat is made out of thermoplastic rubber, is 15 x 20 inch large, 8 mm thick, with a wavy structure on the bottom to prevent it from sliding. And I personally love the color. It brightens up my sewing space.

“Purchased this mat a month ago and it didn't disappoint. Reduces noise, my machine doesn't slip or slide. Very satisfied.” (09/09/2023, Raelyn M McFarland)

“I could not believe the difference it made with my old Bernina machine! So quiet and smooth now it is like a different machine. It was large enough to be cut in half and used the other half for my Serger!” (09/22/2023, Carole Browning)

A Wool Pressing Mat

Frustration: Your seams are not crisp enough to get a neat finish. You don’t have the space to set up an ironing board. You want to travel with an iron.

Solution: Achieving crisp and professional-looking seams is a top priority for sewing enthusiasts and quilters. The Madam Sew Wool Pressing Mat is designed to help achieve that. This ironing mat is well known among quilters but it is not as wide-spread in the sewing community. A wool mat provides excellent heat retention and distribution, making it perfect for pressing seams, pleats, and gathers on fabrics. The creases will be more crisp compared to a regular ironing board. It's also more compact and portable than an ironing board, making it easy to take to sewing classes, retreats or travels, or to install it next to your sewing machine when you are sewing or quilting. If you hesitate, ask a quilting friend and they will tell you how wonderful a wool pressing mat is for ironing.

In the Madam Sew webshop we have two sizes of the wool pressing mat: the standard sized 17 x 13½ inch wool pressing mat and the extra large 17 x 24 inch large wool pressing mat. As a sewist, I would choose the biggest size, because the project pieces are often bigger than for quilters.

“I have a smaller version of this mat but when I saw the larger one (17x24 inches) I knew I needed it! I used my smaller one constantly and the bigger one will get as much, or more use! Provides a great surface for ironing, giving you clean, crisp creases!” (09/27/2023, Francine Rechcygl)

The Bird Nest Toolkit

Frustration: On most sewing machines threads get tangled from time to time, more than we want them too, of course. The nest a bunched thread makes is called a bird nest. Untangling that nest isn’t easy. You don’t want to damage your project, right?

Solution: Bird nest tools are a fantastic solution to the common sewing problem of tangled threads and bunched sewing machine bobbins. This toolkit includes a thread knife and hook to cut the threads with precision without cutting or ripping your precious fabrics. Use the hook to loosen the thread and the knife to cut the tangled threads. Sewing lovers will appreciate the ease of freeing their project from their sewing machine with this surgical set.

The Madam Sew Bird Nest Toolkit comes with a practical box to keep the sharp tools stored conveniently. Spare blades are also available on

If you want to learn more about how to avoid bird nests, read my article on the Madam Sew Sewing Blog.

Image showing how to use the hook of the bird nest toolkit by Madam Sew
Image showing how to use the knife of the bird nest toolkit by Madam Sew

Game changer! Why did I wait so long to buy this? I kept thinking that when I would spend 10 minutes on a bird's nest that would be the last. It never was. After I got this I have had to use it twice now so easy, great box to store it in. I’m really glad I got it, it sits right beside my machine now. (01/09/2023, Karen McNeal)

Great for those embroidery mess-ups! Slide the cutter under the stabilizer and gently cut through the nest. Works great! (08/06/2023, Bonnie Licklider)

The Needle Sorting Pincushion

Frustration: You need different types of sewing machine needles for different sewing and quilting techniques. Sometimes you even need to change to different needles within one project. A needle is not for the trash bin when used for half an hour. You want to reuse that needle in the future and know what type of needle it is. The marks on those needles are tiny, almost impossible to read.

Solution: Finding the right needle for a specific sewing task can be a daunting challenge, especially when you have a wide assortment of needles at your disposal. Madam Sew's Needle Sorting Pincushion simplifies this process. This clever pincushion has labeled sections for various needle types and sizes, making it easy to organize used needles and locate the perfect needle for any project. No more searching through a pile of loose sewing machine needles!

I use a flower pin on the pincushion to mark the position of the type of needle attached to my machine.

Needle sorting pincushion with sewing machine needles and a little screwdriver
Needle sorting pincushion with a sewing machine needle and a flower pin

“Wonderfully handy way of sorting/storing needles! Such a cute little pincushion, marked off in different categories & sizes! A quick way to sort & store your various needles. The duck fabric looks sturdy enough to last for years. Thank you for carrying this useful product.” (Jill Rouw, 10/08/2023)

“I like it very much. It sits by my machine and there is no question of what needle is in the machine.” (Phyllis Costa, 06/18/2023)

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Conclusion: Choosing a Gift for a Sewing Friend

Sewing lovers are always on the lookout for tools and accessories that can make their crafting experience smoother and more enjoyable. You might have noticed that some parts of the sewing process can cause a little frustration. We try to develop tools that take away that frustration and speed up the process of creating beautiful things. Madam Sew's sewing tools, including the Hot Hem Ruler, Muffling Mat for a Sewing Machine, Wool Pressing Mat, Bird Nest Toolkit, and Needle Sorting Pincushion, are thoughtful gifts that can help your sewing enthusiast friends and family take their sewing projects to the next level. Whether it's achieving precise hems, reducing sewing machine noise, improving seam pressing, organizing threads, or sorting needles, these Madam Sew tools are sure to delight and inspire any sewing lover. Give the gift of creativity and craftsmanship with these indispensable sewing tools.

If you want more gift inspiration for a sewing friend, check out the Sewing Gift collection on the Madam Sew webshop


Happy Gift Shopping!

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