Birds Nest Toolkit - Your Way out of Sewing Machine Birdnesting

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Untangle any sewing or embroidery machine thread knot without damaging your project with the Bird Nest Toolkit!

The two tools - a hook and a knife - will not prevent your bobbin thread from bunching up but they will help you to carefully untangle the threads that sometimes gather underneath your fabric when sewing or quilting with a sewing or embroidery machine.

  • Use the thread hook to easily reach underneath your fabric or your embroidery hoop, and create a bit of space between the needle plate and your fabric.

  • Use the thread knife to safely cut the threads and free the project from your machine. The knife is extremely sharp and cuts very precisely.


This set contains:

  • a metal thread hook (8 ½ inch)
  • a metal surgical thread knife (9 ½) 
  • a spare blade for the knife

WARNING: The knife is extremely sharp. Keep out of reach of children.

You can find spare blades for the Bird Nest Toolkit knife in our store.

To find out more about the bird nest toolkit, go to our online Bird Nest Toolkit manual on!



    WARNING: The knife is extremely sharp. Keep out of reach of children.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Jean Nichol
    I love it

    I bought one for my daughter.

    Karen McNeal
    Game changer

    Why did I wait so long to buy this? I kept thinking when I would spend 10 minutes on a birds nest that would be the last. It never was. After I got this I have had to use it twice now so easy, great box to store it in. I’m really glad I got it, it sits right beside my machine now.

    Portia Parker

    I utilized it immediately the very day that it was delivered and I love it! It was precisely what I needed! Thank you Madam Sew 🪡.



    Cindy Allen
    Birds nest tool

    Thankfully, I have not needed to use this tool!

    Joyce Rejba

    Found this tool to be quite helpful