Spare Blades for the Bird Nest Tool Kit - 5 pcs

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These 5 spare blades are compatible with the thread knife that comes with the Bird Nest Toolkit. 

Untangle any sewing or embroidery machine thread knot without damaging your project with the Bird Nest Toolkit! The two tools from this kit will help you to carefully untangle the threads that sometimes gather underneath your fabric when sewing or quilting with a sewing or embroidery machine. With the thread knife you can safely cut the threads of a bird nest and free the project from your machine.

These 5 carbon steel spare blades for the thread knife are ultra sharp. They guarantee smooth, clean and safe thread cuts for a long time. 

This is a set of 5 blades, the knife is not included. 

Keep away from children!


Material: carbon steel

Size: these replaceable blades fit the thread knife of the MadamSew Bird Nest Toolkit

For safety reasons the blades are wrapped individually. 1 packaging contains 5 blades.


It just takes a minute to install a replacement blade on the handle of your Bird Nest Toolkit's knife. The blades are super sharp so be extra careful when you handle the blades. 

  • To remove the old blade, carefully lift the bottom of the blade until it unlocks from the handle. With one hand you lift the bottom, with the other you pull the blade away from the handle. Slide the blade off the handle, moving it away from the handle.

  • To install a new blade, put the handle through the opening of the blade. Align the blade into the groove of the handle and check that the diagonal lines (on the handle) are parallel with the blade. Gently slide the blade toward the handle until it locks in place.

More details, pictures and an instruction video, can be found here in the online instructions of the Bird Nest Toolkit Spare Blades:

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Dianne Nation
    Really works well.

    These blades are great. I am most pleased.!!

    Sally S.
    Great Bird Nest Kit

    I’ve only had to use it once since it arrived but it was fantastic! When I’ve had the problem in the past, it would take valuable time trying to be able to even loosen the the threads enough to loosen the mess! This time it was both quick and easy! Plus I’ve used the blade for other small problems! I love it!!

    Birds nest tool

    This was so useful when I ended up getting 2 birds nests with my embroidery machine. Machine needed repair. If not for that tool I would not have been able to clear that mess out.

    Martha Morales
    Very good

    Works perfect

    Marilyn Witko
    Thank You

    Great quick service.....good product