Hot Hem Ruler 18 Inch

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Measuring and pressing hems, folds, or pleats is so much faster with the 18 inches long hot hem ruler. Just fold your fabric using the grids and confidently iron on the ruler to press your seam allowances from ⅛ inch through 2 ½ inch, or even 18 inch if you turn this hot hemmer.  

Doesn’t this ironing ruler make preparing your sewing project much easier?

Reduce your sewing time while still making precise hems!

This is an extended version of our original 10 inch Hot Hem Ruler

Made out of felted wool

    • Heat resistant. Press directly on the ruler, with or without steam. This material doesn’t heat up
    • Non-slip. This stiff felt material holds fabric in place perfectly
    • Lightweight


Has clear grid lines 

  • Lines for all commonly used hems from ⅛ inch to 18 inches
  • 45° grid lines to press mitered corners
  • Accurate



  • 18 inches long x 2.5 inches wide



Using the Hot Hem Ruler is very straightforward. A set of clear user instructions come on the packaging of the ruler.

We also have a detailed online instruction manual with pictures and video available on the MadamSew website: the online manual for the Hot Hem Ruler

Or check out the Hot Hem Ruler YouTube video that shows you how to use it on your ironing board.


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