Sew a DIY Tablet Stand

I’ve got a quick and easy sewing project for you today that is super helpful! I’m going to show you how to sew your own tablet or phone stand. It’s basically a rice bag, or bean bag, if you want. Rice or beans add weight to this DIY tablet stand and will support your electronic device on different surfaces, like your bed or the sofa. On Etsy you can find them for $15+. I just bought a bag of rice for $2 and used some fabric leftover from a skirt!

I also tried to make this tablet stand as slim as possible. I don’t like to have a huge bulky bag on my sewing table. That’s why you’ll notice the pattern piece is a little more complicated than some other tutorials. A rectangular pattern piece makes it bulkier.

Mix and match whichever fabric you like for your DIY tablet stand. You can even sew different fabric scraps together for a quilted look. If you want, you can add a loop for your cable or to hang the stand on a hook, or add a bigger loop for a handle.

This is an intermediate sewing project, but I’ve tried to make it easy for beginners to follow along if you want to learn how to sew a tablet stand yourself.

Make Your Own Tablet or Phone Stand
Back View of DIY Tablet Stand
Tablet Stand on Couch
View and Charge Your Tablet at the Same Time
Loop on Tablet Stand for Cord
Front View of DIY Tablet Stand

Supplies and Materials Needed to Make a Tablet Stand

You don’t need a lot of material to sew this DIY tablet stand. I’ve listed the supplies and materials below:

  • A little piece of fabric 16”x12”

  • A bag of rice or dry beans

  • A little strip of matching ribbon, about 3” long (or an extra strip of fabric to make the loop yourself)

  • Soft filling (I used filling from a pillow)

  • One-sided, firm fusible interfacing, a little strip of 1”x6” (the type of stabilizer you use for bags)

  • Matching thread

  • Sewing gear: fabric marker, cutting mat, ruler, rotary cutter, sewing machine, sewing pins

  • A funnel (You can also use a piece of paper and roll it into a funnel)

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Prepare to Sew Your DIY Tablet Stand

Gather all the necessary material to sew this tablet stand. You don’t need to download a pattern, just follow the following steps to draw the pattern piece for your DIY tablet stand.

Draw a rectangle 16”x12”. Then, draw a line at 8” to divide the rectangle into two rectangles (8”x12”). Measure and mark 6” to each side at the bottom. Go from these markings 4” up and draw two lines. Connect the end of these lines to the top corners. That’s the pattern piece. In the image below, you can see the details.

Measure Fabric for DIY Tablet Stand
Mark the Tablet Stand Pattern on Your Fabric

And now … it will go fast!

Tablet Stand Sewing Instructions

1. Mark and Pin

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Mark the turning holes and the placement of the ribbon with a fabric marker. Pin the edges together, right sides facing. Fold the ribbon in half and pin it in place close to the fold, in between the fabric with the raw edge facing the raw edge of the fabric.

Fold Fabric in Half Lengthwise
 Pin Tablet Stand Sides Together
Add Loop for Charging Cord

2. Sew the Bean or Rice Bag Part

Close the seam with stitching at ⅜” as shown in the image below and leave an opening (the turning hole + the hole through which you will insert the rice) between the fold and the ribbon. Do not touch the short end yet at the bottom. Trim the thread ends and the corners after you’ve sewn the seams.

Leave Turning Hole in Tablet Stand
Trim Threads and Corners

3. Prepare the Soft Filling Part

To close the bottom end, fold the fabric in the other direction. The seam you just sewed should now be the center. Iron that seam open.

Sew a DIY Tablet Stand

Leave the fabric in the same position and Iron the fusible interfacing strip on the fabric at 4” from the bottom edge, just where the fabric becomes wider.

Iron on Fusible Interfacing

Close the short seam and also leave an opening to insert the stuffing. 1-2” should be enough.

Leave a Hole in the Tablet Stand for Stuffing

4. Finish and Fill the Tablet Stand

Now turn the tablet stand right side out through the turning hole. I make my holes rather small because I don’t like hand stitching and I’m not good at it. The smaller, the better, but turning it might be more difficult. Sometimes it is really hard to turn your project through a 1” hole, so you might want to make your turning holes a little bigger :-).

Mark two rows for topstitching along the fusible strip. I use a heat erasable marker so I can iron away the marks after I stitch.

Mark Two Rows for Topstitching
Remove Heat Erasable Marks with an Iron

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Now you have two compartments–the small one in the front, and the big pyramid. Stuff the small compartment with soft filling until it’s packed, and close the opening with a hand stitch. You can use a ladder stitch if you want this to be as invisible as possible.

Stuff Small Compartment with Soft Filling
Stitch the Opening Closed by Hand

Stuff the big compartment with rice or beans. Use a funnel to do this. Don’t fill it completely with rice. Go as far as you can go, and then fill the tip of the stand with soft filling.

Place a Funnel in the Tablet Stand Opening
Fill the Tablet Stand with Rice or Beans

Again, close the opening by hand with an invisible ladder stitch.

Close the Opening in the Tablet Stand By Hand

YAY! The DIY tablet stand is ready. This is how easy it is to sew your own tablet stand. Ready to make another one?

DIY Tablet Stand

Sew sew sew!


This DIY tablet stand can be a great item to sell on Etsy. It is so useful and you can use fun fabrics, maybe even patchwork little pieces together? Looking for other projects to sew and sell? Our Sewing and Quilting Blog has a lot of inspiration to get you started.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make a tablet stand and you will get a lot of use of this free sewing pattern.

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