Five Sewing Projects for Mother’s Day

Five Ideas for Sewing a Gift for Mom

Handmade gifts often carry special sentimental value because they are made with love and care. In this blog post we are highlighting some wonderful sewing projects and inspiration for easy diy mother’s day gifts.

Just scroll down and discover five projects that are easy to sew and make a very special gift for your beloved mom.

These are the five things you can sew for your mom. Additional details about the projects follow the list below.

  1. A Pillow Cover for a throw pillow finished with a French Seam that fits your mom’s sofa.
  2. 2. A Gardening Knee Cushion for the plant loving mom
  3. 3. A Handy Pie Carrier for the moms that love to bake and to take the homemade pies to friends, picnics or to your place 🙂
  4. 4. A French Press Cozy with some free motion quilting to keep the coffee or tea in your mom’s french press warm.
  5. 5. A Love Ring Quilt Block Pattern that can easily be used for a wall hanging, a pillowcase or as a table decoration.

Make a Pillow Cover

A pillow cover might be a clear-cut craft but you can do so much with the fabric that you are using. And what mom doesn’t like a new cover or an extra throw pillow on the sofa or on the bed? You can use heavenly fluffy fabric, patchwork pieces of the front fabric, appliqué on the fabric, or personalize the fabric with heat transfer vinyl. The possibilities are endless!

This tutorial with a video explains clearly how to assemble an easy throw pillow cover. Instead of finishing the edges on the inside with an overlock stitch or a serger, Laura uses a French seam. This type of seam hides the raw edges completely, which is really nice if you are making a pillowcase as a gift. It looks professional and it is not hard to do.

  • Skill level: Beginner
  • You’ll also learn: How to sew a French seam
  • Cost: Very low
  • Duration: Fast, with some sewing experience you can finish this in under 30 minutes (setting up your space and buying the fabric not included)

2. Sew a Gardening Knee Pad

We’re staying in the pillow-cushion department with this functional gardening cushion. I made this gardening knee pad for my mom, who loves gardening. Gardening can involve spending extended periods of kneeling or sitting on the ground, which can be uncomfortable without proper padding. This cushion provides a soft surface, reducing strain on the knees and bottom while it protects you from moisture, cold or sharp objects like rocks or thorns. Because it is lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry, you can move around with it or take it to outdoor events like picnics or camping trips.

  • Skill level: Advanced Beginner
  • You’ll learn: How to make filling out of fabric scraps; how to close stuffed pillows
  • Cost: Low
  • Duration: Making this pad takes a little longer than the pillow cover but it is still a fast and easy project that won’t take days to finish

3. Handy Pie Carrier

Making a pie carrier that fits your mom’s bakeware and matches her style can be a very neat gift for mother’s day. This pie carrier is a practical, durable, and stylish gift. Because it is custom made, it will protect a pie better during transportation. The pie will stay upright while you carry it. It has long handles and is padded. You can wash and reuse the bag multiple times, eliminating the need for disposable packaging like cardboard boxes or plastic wraps.

  • Skill level: Advanced Beginner
  • You’ll learn: How to make handles; how to make a double sided; padded little blanket
  • Cost: Low
  • Duration: Making this pie carrier is a bit more work than a pillow case but is still a relatively fast project to make

4. French Press Cozy

A French press cozy can make a great gift for Mother's Day for different reasons. Make a cozy in her favorite color or pattern for the mom that enjoys her daily cup of coffee or tea from a French press. It keeps the coffee or tea warm for longer periods of time. This is particularly useful for mothers who enjoy leisurely mornings or who like to have hot beverages throughout the day. A French press cozy adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen or dining area. A hand-made French press cozy can last for years, providing ongoing enjoyment and utility. It's a gift that keeps on giving, reminding your mother of your love and appreciation each time she uses it.

  • Skill level: Beginner with some experience
  • You’ll learn: Free motion quilting; how to make a cozy in an easy shape with binding
  • Cost: Low
  • Duration: If you are new to free motion quilting, you might need some practice before quilting your cozy, if you know what to do, this is definitely a fast little quilting project

5. Love Ring Wall Hanging

A quilted wall hanging made by you demonstrates the time, effort, and thoughtfulness you've put into creating a gift for your mother. Each quilted wall hanging is unique, making it a truly special gift for your mother. A wall hanging adds warmth and coziness to any room, creating a welcoming atmosphere. It can also serve as a decorative focal point, bringing color and texture to walls and enhancing the overall ambiance of the space. It can last for many years and become a cherished heirloom that can be passed down.

  • Skill level: Intermediate Quilter
  • You’ll also learn: how to sew circular pieces in a block the easy way
  • Cost: Medium
  • Duration: This is the project out of this list that will take most of your time. It is not like making a big quilt, but you will need to plan ahead to finish this in time for mother’s day.

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Hope you saw something you liked and found some inspiration to make a nice handmade gift for your mother!

If this little list doesn’t have the project that you were looking for, you can also take a look at this overview blog that has links to all of the Madam Sew free sewing project tutorials, organized in different categories. Maybe you’re looking for a bag, a coin purse, a pillowcase, something for the kitchen or home decoration, it is all there, more than 50 free sewing patterns for you to try!

Hope you enjoy this year’s Mother’s Day!

Happy Sewing! Happy Quilting!

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