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Discover the MadamSew Electric Fabric Scissors

Hi to all of you lovely sewing and quilting enthusiasts!

Allow me to introduce you to our new favorite sewing and quilting tool: the MadamSew Electric Fabric Scissors! We are convinced this cutting device can speed up a lot of sewing and quilting tasks considerably without giving in on accuracy. Read on to discover all the advantages and features of these powered fabric shears.

MadamSew powered fabric scissors box
the MadamSew electric fabric scissors  held in a hand

You don’t need trained muscular hands to make these scissors cut yards and yards of fabric. The strain on your hands is considerably less and the (horse)power these electric shears have is just amazing! I have been using them for a while now and I have some things that are interesting to share with the MadamSew community.

If you are cutting many yards or if you're looking to increase your cutting productivity, these powered scissors might be the answer for you. What I consider to be the main pros:

    1. Your hands won't get tired like with regular scissors.
    2. You don't need a cutting mat like with rotary cutters.
    3. They cut through heavyweight fabrics (coat wool, denim, vinyl, canvas, etc) like butter!
    4. Multiple layers are never an issue.
    5. And last, but not least: no risk of jagged cuts!
a protective cap for fabric scissors
powered scissors in a hand
cutting jeans with electric fabric scissors

Two things to keep in mind before buying these shears:

    • Power doesn’t come silently. These scissors make some noise. I can’t express it in decibels but it is comparable to the sound of an electric razor. I don’t really mind it but I wanted you to be aware. You can hear the sound of the MadamSew Electric Fabric Scissors in the YouTube video that comes with this blog post.
    • As with most things, using these scissors to their top accuracy will take some practice. They are very easy to operate but they are not intended for detailed cutting; for example, mini pattern pieces for doll clothes. However, I've used them to cut circular shapes and around different shaped pattern pieces(even the smaller ones), and that went really great!
cutting on markings with electric fabric scissors for dressmaking
rapid cut electric scissors

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The neat features of the electric fabric scissors I would like to highlight:

    • The battery is rechargable
    • The electric scissors are cordless!
    • These scissors come with super quality blades, made from tungsten steel
    • The blades of the electric fabric scissors last a long time but you can buy spare scissor heads from our online store. They are incredibly easy to replace!
    • The scissors have a comfortable ergonomic handle
    • The electric fabric scissors are lightweight, only 11.39 ounces.
    • They are very safe to use. You can even reach the sharp part of the blade with your fingers! I kid you not! I put my finger in between the blades when they are switched ON and not even a scratch!
electric fabric scissor
on-off button for the electric fabric scissors
showing how safe the electric fabric scissors are
the electric fabric scissors with the American plug

To wrap it up, I would summarize the electric fabric scissors as: “Fast and efficient cutting at the push of a button!!”

If you are looking for more technical information and user instructions, you can check out the detailed Online Electric Fabric Scissors Manual we’ve published on our website.

If you are interested in this cutting tool, check out the great deal for the MadamSew Electric Fabric Scissors on our webstore!

What sewing or quilting projects do you see yourself using these on? Comment below and let me know!

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to send me an email I’ll be happy to help where I can!

Kind sewing regards,

Sewing Blogger for


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I saw someone else using similar tool. I will consider it because no cutting mat is needed and hand fatigue free. Thank you for demo.


looks great cant wait to use it.

vincent j lukasik

Do you know when the replacement blades will be available?

Jean La Clair

I just received these “fantastic” scissors in the mail yesterday. I just had to try them out!! Absolutely fantastic!!!!
I am having elbow surgery this Thursday and a shoulder surgery in the next few months, BUT I will still be able to sew with using the scissors to cut my fabric.
These are a must for anyone with hand, elbow, or shoulder problems, you won’t regret the purchase!


My Mom had a pair of electric scissors back in the 70’s and they were great. I have often wondered if you could get them for a reasonable price now. Excited to order these as cutting lots with scissors aggravates my arthritis. I don’t manage rotary blade well, especially long cuts.

Judith Taylor

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