Extra Large Jumbo Quilting Clamps


Buy one get one for free!

Just squeeze the 2 handles of the quilting clips together to open and release the handles to close. The springs of the clamps provide a very strong grip. The edges are smooth. The MadamSew Quilting Clamps are lightweight, durable, convenient to store and carry anywhere.

“Think of them as a third hand!”

Holding multiple fabric layers in place

Holding a quilt roll together

Holding project patterns, binding, precuts and fabric pieces together

A very wide range of household, DIY repairs and craft projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size are they?

  • Each quilting clamp is 6 inch long and 4 inch wide.

What colors do they come in? 

3 colors in each 6 pack: 2 soft pink, 2 blue, 2 green clamps

How do they work? 

  1. 1. Squeeze the 2 handles together to open.
  2. 2. Release the handles to close.

How can you benefit from this deal?

Buy 1 get 1 for free

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