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Why Should You Know Fusible Hem Tape?

This week’s post is about a new (hit the store last month!) product for MadamSew, Fusible Hem Tape. Do you sometimes use hem tape, basting tape, or another kind of bonding tape when sewing or making clothes or accessories?

The MadamSew Fusible Hem Tape is designed to stick fabric layers together permanently! Hem tape is a very useful tool for quick hems and repairs but choosing which kind to use can be confusing as there are so many options out there! Here we will explain what makes the MadamSew Fusible Hem Tape different, how you can use it, and share some useful tips.

Fusible hem tape
fusible hem tape with backing paper

MadamSew’s Fusible Hem Tape comes in 2 sizes (⅜ of an inch and ¾ of an inch) and is basically a glue strip for fabrics. It is intended to be permanent and is hard to remove from the fabric once it is applied. Always test on a scrap of fabric before ironing it to your project or garment!!

Why use Fusible Hem Tape?

  • When you don’t want the stitching on a hem to show. It can be used as an alternative for an invisible stitch or a hand stitch.
  • When you need to make a quick emergency repair. Cut the length you need, put it in place, iron over it and you can go out on your date in your favorite skirt or pair of trousers.
  • When you want to hold a hem temporarily before you are ready to sew it. Always let the glue cool down before you sew over it. If the glue is still hot, it can leave a sticky residue on your needle.

I have used the MadamSew Fusible Hem Tape often in projects like making costumes for my children and hemming curtains. I also like to use it as basting tape when sewing with difficult fabric like stretchy velvet- adding this tape puts the fabric back in line.

invisible stitch
cut the length you need
always set glue cool
iron over
put in place and iron over
check for glue residue

This tape is transparent, it can replace a machine stitch and keep different fabric layers together.

I must note that if you are using it on a garment that will be used and washed often, you may want to consider adding extra stitching over the tape when it is dry. In the long run - while meant to be permanent - the glue can degrade a little over time.

When choosing between sizes, please keep in mind that the wider the hem tape the stronger the bond but make sure that the strip is narrow enough to be hidden completely in a seam or hem (= covered by the fabric). Don’t let the glue touch the iron as it will melt over the metal plate and - as most of you probably know - it is very hard to clean an iron’s sole. If you want to be extra cautious, use a cotton cloth between the iron and your fabric.

This tape works best with medium to heavy weight fabrics. Be sure to pretest on a scrap when working with very fragile and lightweight fabrics. The tape can also have an effect on the drape and will make the hemline a little stiffer. I like that it does that - crisp hems and seams for the win! - but for some projects, for example, flowy pleated skirts, you don’t want that.

How do you adhere 2 layers of fabric with the Fusible Hem Tape?

MadamSew’s Fusible Hem Tape has 2 sides that become sticky when pressed with a hot iron or a pressing machine. One side of the tape is protected with a backing paper strip that is safe to iron. On the other side you can see the glue which looks like mesh. The paper backing lets you secure the tape in 2 steps, allowing you to stay in control at all times.

Ahere 2 layers of fabric
it can become sticky when pressed

1. Position the strip on your fabric and iron over the backing tape until one side of the tape is fixed to the fabric. Hold the iron on the tape for at least 20 seconds. Do not use steam.

position the strip on your fabric
iron over the backing tape

2. Remove the backing tape.

remove the backing tape
backing tape

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3. Position another piece or part of the fabric over the tape and iron on the fabric (top layer) until both sides are fixed. Do not use steam.

position another piece or part of the fabric
iron on the fabric

4. Let cool down. The 2 fabric pieces are now attached.

let the fabric cool down

Any questions? Send me an email an@madamsew.com

Interested in buying this product? Check out our great deals here.

Happy hemming with MadamSew’s Fusible Hem Tape!


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A must have when you sew cloths , or anything else ,awesome tape!

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