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What's new in January

What's new in January

Our MadamSew Facebook Group is a vibrant community of sewists and quilters from around the world - sharing their everyday lives, their projects, and their tips and tricks!

And now here’s a snapshot of what was popular in our Facebook Sewing Group in January!

Join our group here to be a part of a lovely sewing community.


  • Hello, I`m new so please be “kind” to me…:smile: I have no idea how to make a buttonhole with the Flower Stitch presser foot. Please someone help
    Thank you

  • I love seeing all the wonderful projects, quilts, dresses, and everything else, hat all you clever people make. It is so interesting to see where you all come from. It’s also great to be able to share your stories, some sad and others happy. Thank you all for sharing. Wish I could look at everything, but there are just too many, I would be on Facebook all day and not get any work or sewing done.

    Anne Walton

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