How to keep your thread spools and bobbins organized | Madam Sew

Learn about how to keep your thread spools and bobbins organized

There are three parts to it, all made of memory silicone, some sort of squashy rubber: Spool Huggers to keep thread on your spools from unraveling.

Spool Huggers
Spool Huggers 1

Bobbin Holders to keep color matching bobbins and spools together.

Bobbin Holders
Bobbin Holders 1
Bobbin Holders 2
Bobbin Holders 4

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 Bobbin Holders 6
Bobbin Holders 7
Bobbin Holders 7
Bobbin Holders 8
Bobbin Holders 9
Bobbin Holders 10

as separate sets of 20 pcs or buy the complete system as a high value bundle. Do you have a special system for organizing your spools and bobbins? Home made or bought? Let us know in the comment section below!

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I love that you created a Manual for these items! Can’t wait for my order to arrive!

Caroline F.

How much are these? I don’t see a price.

Connie Doty

Think those are great.


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