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Fantastic Elastic Black - Projects You Can Do

fantastic elastic

Have you tried to work on a project that required elastic but you were working with a dark fabric? Did you wonder if a black elastic would be better? Or have you seen black elastic and wondered what you can do with it?

Fantastic Elastic Black may be the answer. It can be cut lengthwise so you don’t have to worry about buying multiple widths for all of your different projects.

Not only is black elastic great when used with stretchy fabrics that show the lighter colored elastic through them like on a cuff…but now you can make cute skirts and shorts with an exposed elastic waistband or even your own intimate undergarments and garters.

fantastic elastic black
can be cut lengthwise

Have you ever wanted to add mesh pockets on totes, book bags or backpacks? If you are using a dark fabric, then black elastic is not as jarring as using a lighter colored elastic.

mesh pockets on totes

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Black elastic also pairs well with darker fabrics on belts, headbands, scrunchies and sleep masks. And, if we still need them…facemasks.

sleep masks

Get crafty and use it to make napkin rings…and you can even add it to journals.


These are some of the things you can do with the Fantastic Elastic Black. Let your imagination soar and let us know how you plan to use this versatile product to enhance your sewing or crafting experience.

Want to buy some? Click here to get yours!


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I love the white elastic I bought that I cut to width inners. I look forward to getting the black elastic.

Marcella Baudoin

I am so excited to use this. I have used the white for about a year now and absolutely love it!

Joyce Pennell

When I started sewing I saw Madamesew site and ordered notions. Then I ordered her package of feet with the disk and many other items. I have never been disappointed in quality or service. I strongly recommend Madamsew for all your sewing supplies!


I can’t wait for the black elastic. I need it for several projects.

Peggy Rowell

Where is this elastic made?

Karilyn Floyd

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