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E-Cards For Sewers!

These hilarious E-cards for sewists & quilters will tickle your funny bones!

1. Ah! The perpetual procrastination!

2. The perfect addiction!

3. Something to show to all the freeloaders!

4. When will they ever learn?

5. And one for the never ending mess!

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below! :D

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  • Maryann Bernstein on

    I love number 4. It is right up there with the kids knowing not to cook in my seasoned crepe pan when they were growing up!

  • donna smith on

    i love the last one most definitely fits my sewing room

  • Joanne on

    Option 4 😂😳

  • Verla M Ferguson on

    The last one….my sewing room is very messy with 6 sewing machines….lol

  • Verla M Ferguson on

    Now THAT is super cute. Thanks for sharing!!! and….it fits me perfectly.

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