Best of 2019: Our most loved sewing tutorials

Hey everyone! With this year coming to an end, we thought of doing a recap of our most popular projects!

2019 was an exciting year for MadamSew - with many new product launches and fun projects!
Mark and Richard (founders of MadamSew) made their first ever quilt for their mom, and our MadamSew group members made over 30+ friendship quilts with blocks from all over the world!
We are truly grateful to each and every one of you for being a part of this beautiful year with us

Here are our most popular tutorials and projects:

1) Using your sewing machine as a serger!

This blog spoke about using your sewing machine as a serger with the help of a small tool - the overcast foot.

Along with an overcast stitch, the overcast foot creates a serger-like finish, without cutting the extra fabric that the serger does.

Read the full blog here.
Watch the tutorial video here

2) Achieving perfect rolled hem with narrow hemmer feet!

In this video, get introduced to the 2 narrow hemmer feet: the rolled hem foot and the flat hem foot. These universal sewing presser feet help you to sew professional looking rolled hems. No more burnt fingertips or quirky looking hems!


Watch the full tutorial here.

3) Free Pattern: Sew Your Own Twisted Head Band

Here is how An got the inspiration for making a unique headband - “Last spring I bought a twist headband - turban style - for my daughter and it was too tight. You know, the headbands that give you a headache. So I decided to make her one. I took apart the store bought headband. I used it as a pattern to create a one that fits better. And then I made one for myself and one for a friend and now I’m sharing the pattern and this tutorial with you and hope you will have fun making and wearing your headband.”

Read the full tutorial here.


Watch the step by step tutorial here.

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4) 10 Sewing Hacks Put to the Test

In this blog post, Ana tested out her favorite sewing hacks that she’d seen on Pinterest. Wondering whether they work or not? Watch the video to find out!

5) How to Perfectly Bind a Quilt with the Edge-Joining Foot

In this video, Ana shares a tutorial for double-fold binding, also known as French binding. With these instructions you will achieve nice, crisp mitered corners and a thin, clean bound edge. It is ideal for small items like placemats, where you want a narrow binding.

We hope you enjoyed going through these. Which one was your favorite? Did you have any other favorites that we missed?
Also, what tutorials would you like to see in 2020?


Happy New Year to all from Team MadamSew :)