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8 Free Quilt Patterns Using Hexagons
and 60 Degree Triangles

Hexagon Quilt
Triangle Quilt

Have you ever seen Hexagon Quilts or Triangle Quilts and thought I can’t do that! Or maybe you wondered what else you can do with these shapes. Look no further, we have compiled 8 FREE quilting project patterns from around the web for you to try. Some are small, some are big but all are doable even for a beginner or someone with basic sewing skills!

To make the following projects a breeze, check out our Hexagon and Triangle Patchwork Quilt Template Sets. They come in small (2” - 4”) and large (4 ½”-6 ½”) sizes. With them, you don’t have to make your own templates by copying or printing anything, so you save time and can focus on your sewing or quilting. A comprehensive manual is also available on our site allowing you to master the templates in no time.

To access the tutorials or free patterns presented below, click on the “project titles” or the pictures. And when you make one of the projects, we would love to see what you are sewing! Share the result with us on our MadamSew Facebook Page and inspire others!

Do you have coins rattling at the bottom or your pocket or purse? These coin pouches are perfect for corralling loose change. They sew up easily and use little scraps of fabric. Whip up a bunch in just a few hours. Keep some for yourself and feel free to give some away as gifts.

Now that many of us need to bring our own bags when we go shopping, why not make a unique one for yourself or to give as a gift? All you need is a plain bag, fabric scraps and an afternoon or weekend. And just like that you will be toting a design all your own. You can even choose how big your hexagons are and how they are placed. You can also try this same concept with triangles or a combination of both shapes. The options are endless!

This colorful 19” square quilt can brighten up any space. And, if you don’t want the bright rainbow colors, you can use pastels or even a single color run, like different shades of pink. This little beauty is a great way of using up your scraps. Best yet, the pattern is easy enough for a beginner to tackle and a quick fun project for the more experienced quilter.

Just think of all the scraps you can use up to make these coasters! They are small, simple and practical! Depending on how many you want to make, you can put together a set in one afternoon or make several sets to match the seasons or your moods. They also make adorable stocking stuffers or housewarming gifts.

Need something quick to update your table for the up-coming holidays? This pattern has Thanksgiving colors but you can theme it any way you like. Best yet, you can use any size hexagon you want as well! All you need to decide on is the fabric and how big you want your table runner. This beginner friendly project is simple enough to make in a weekend or two!

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If you are looking for a larger project, this may be the one for you. Though you’ll need a solid color for the hexagon middles (like the white in the picture) your scraps can be the triangle “stars” of this quilt. Using this pattern, you can make a wall quilt, baby quilt, lap quilt or bed quilt for you or a loved one. Imaging the possibilities for this design!

Who doesn’t like a nice comfy pillow? You can follow the color suggestions in the pattern or make one that matches your room’s decor all while using 4 ½” triangle templates. This pattern comes together easily and quickly. Why not give it a try?

Don’t let this quilt fool you. It may look complicated, but looks can be deceiving. This colorful quilt is created with 4 ½” triangles! And, the size of the quilt is really up to you. Can you see your scrap stash arranged colorfully into this quilt? Just imagine how much space you can free up for more fabrics. Getting any ideas yet?

Okay, this one isn’t a full project…so we’re throwing it in as a bonus. This tutorial shows you how to make a six-pointed star block using 60-degree triangles. Once you know how to make this quilt block, just think of all the things you can make with it! Are you thinking…pot holders, tote bags, pillows, table runners, duvet covers, and yes…quilts? Let your imagination soar!


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Check out this other Madam Sew blog about 13 quilt block layouts made with only half-square triangles.

We hope that you found one or more projects you are interested in doing from this round up and if these weren’t quite for you, we hope that this blog has gotten your creative ideas flowing. Share your creations on our Facebook Sewing & Quilting Group pages. We love to see all that you do!

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Would love to print out patterns but there are too many ads.


I do enjoy making hexagons and have made a quilt. Too, me such a long time. Thanks for the patterns.

Anita Heerwagen

I enjoy receiving these emails, you never know which idea is going to spark an idea for any one who enjoys sewing.

Valerie Peden

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