Quarter Inch Patchwork Ruler Set - A Madam Sew Exclusive Design

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This amazing set of Quarter Inch Patchwork Rulers, “QIPS”, is great for marking ¼” sewing lines on your patchwork pieces or for ¼” and ½” markings on your quilts. Use these rulers when you are making half-square triangle, hourglass, combination, flying geese, little houses, or snowball units. You can use them for marking and checking ¼” and ½” seam allowances on your sewing projects. Plus, they make a simple, handy ruler for crafting and other needs.

Each set contains two, light-weight, 3mm thick acrylic rulers…

  • 9” Ruler is small enough to carry with you in your project bag or to have available on your quilting table, but large enough to mark 1” - 6 ½” squares on the diagonal. Great to use on 2 ½” & 5” pre-cut squares (mini charm & regular charm packs).
  • 17” Ruler is Large enough to mark up to a 12” square on the diagonal, so it's great for larger projects. 12” squares being the most popular per the internet for large size quilts. Great to use on pre-cut squares of the same size or the popular 10” pre-cut squares (layer cakes).
  • The rulers are ½” wide with a non-obscured line down the middle that is ¼” from each side edge and they have ¼”, ½” and 1” measurements along each side with the numbers going both ways so you don’t have to turn your ruler around when using it.
  • Each ruler has a non-slip coating that grips the fabric so the ruler doesn’t easily slip while you are marking or measuring.
  • The innovative matte technology used on the rulers allows you to see clearly on any color fabric.
  • For your convenience, each ruler has a hole on one end which allows you to hang them for storage or put a ribbon or other marker through them so they are easy to locate in a project bag/box.

The rulers should be used with a fine, sharp point marking pen or pencil.

For more information on how to use the Quarter Inch Patchwork Ruler Set, check out the QIPS Manual which includes instructions on how to use these rulers to make Half-Square Triangles.

Safety Warning:

Do not use these specialty rulers with rotary cutters, knives or other cutting tools. They are designed for marking or measuring only.

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Customer Reviews

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Roberta Miller
Not just for quilting!

I do a lot of PDF patterns and when I serge them I like a quarter inch seam. These rulers make the job quick and easy and they are great to add just a little more seam to a child or adult pattern that needs a little more room. These are also great for reducing side seams for a slim fit and many craft projects. These save me lots of time.

Carrol Ganoe

I love this set!

Carol Thomas
Best little tool

Everything I have purchased has been great quality. This is certainly a big help.

Donna Barsotti
Nanas ruler

Really like it


It is great to use for marking 1/4
Inch seams for triangles