Self-Healing Rotating Cutting Mat | 12 by 12 inches

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This is a self-healing cutting mat for quilting that spins! 


With the MadamSew Rotating Cutting Mat, you will no longer have to walk around your work table or contort into weird positions to cut your fabric pieces. Just turn the cutting board and keep cutting or trimming your fabrics. Your fabric stays in place so you never have to stop to lift and rearrange it. And, you are always in the right position to cut safely and accurately with a rotary cutter and ruler. 


Whether you make homemade clothes, quilts or home accents, the MadamSew Self-Healing-Cutting-Mat ranks at the top of vital sewing accessories.

This cutting mat is perfect for

  • trimming and squaring up blocks for quilting.
  • cutting around templates



This professional-grade trimming mat measures 12-inches square and spins a full 360 degrees on a smooth, lockable turning mechanism. With a non-slip base to hold it firmly atop your work surface, our rotary cutter mat moves only when you want it to. Its grid lines and bias lines eliminate the need for separate sewing rulers and guides for quilting. 

Lightweight and portable, the MadamSew Rotating Cutting Mat lets you work in your sewing room or on a dining room table. Slip it into your sewing basket/tote and take your sewing skills on the road.

For homemade quilts and garments add the MadamSew Self-Healing-Cutting-Mat for sewing to your quilting supplies today. 


  • Rotates 360 degrees

  • Spins with ease

  • Lockable turning mechanism

  • Durable, self-healing cutting mat

  • Non-slip base

  • 12” x 12” making it portable (fits in standard project tote)

  • Accurate, easy-to-read grid lines with ⅛, ¼, ½, and 1 inch markings and 30, 45 and 60 degree bias lines to allow for precise cuts at all angles

  • Weighs 26 ounces

  • Made out of PVC and Synthetic Rubber and Thermoplastic

    The mat is made up of two parts, the top red cutting mat and the soft, black bottom, through which the rotating mechanism comes through.

    Rotating (mat is unlocked): Put your fingers in the holes of the turning mechanism’s two sliders and slide them toward the center of the mechanism. This will give you a round shape to the mechanism. The mat and base are now unattached allowing the mat to rotate freely 360 degrees.

    Non-Rotating (mat is locked): Put your fingers in the holes of the turning mechanism’s two sliders and slide them outward into the notches of the base. This action effectively attaches the mat to the base and keeps the mat from rotating.

    Go to our online Rotating Cutting Mat manual with youtube instructional video to learn more about the use of the MadamSew Rotating Cutting Mat.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 68 reviews
    kandice Anderson

    I have been unable to use it at this time but hope to soon. I have used the large clamps I also ordered and love them. I use them to hod the quilt top to my frame. I love your items and will continue to order as needed.

    Brenda Peterson

    I just love the self healing mat. Especially that it is a rotating mat very handy. Highly recommend.

    Sefy Cook
    Rotating cutting mat

    Such a great tool to have, love not having to move my material.

    Karen Morgan
    The cutting mat I have been missing

    This mat is the perfect size for keeping next to my sewing machine and making the smaller cuts of fabric quickly. Love it.

    Marilynn Lewis
    rotating cutting mat 12x12

    I love it I am working on some 6 inch blocks and this makes it so much easier to trim and square them up!