Hand Needle Threader - For Small, Standard & Large Needles

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This automatic, desktop Hand Needle Threader makes the task of needle threading an absolute breeze. You can use this lightweight, plastic tool to thread many different threads through small, standard and large needle eyes with ease. Use your threader to thread needles for hand sewing, embroidery, leatherwork, upholstery, quilting, and more! Whether you are making a cushion or embellishing a denim jacket, this tool will help you thread your needles easily and quickly.

It will take you no time at all to thread a needle with this desktop, hand needle threader! Saves you time as well as frustration and it comes with 5 jumbo needles in a built-in needle case!

  • Orange & white lightweight, durable, plastic tool
  • Includes 5 jumbo needles in the built-in needle case
  • Measures: 3 inches by 2 inches by 1-¼ inches
  • Works with a variety of sewing and quilting needles
  • Works well with standard and large needles


NOTE: The threader will not work with very fine embroidery needles.

Insert the needle -eye down- in one of the two funnels, and drop the thread in the slit. One side of the threader is for large eye needles, the opposite side is for small eye needles. Move the white slider sideways, pull the thread end through, and take your needle out. Voila! There is your threaded needle!

For detailed instructions and a video, visit our Hand Needle Threader Online Manual.

    How it Works

    There are two ‘funnels’ (one for an ordinary needle and one for large ones) in which you place the needle, eye down. Next, you lay the thread in a gulley next to the funnel and move the white slider sideways. Believe it or not, the thread pops through the needle eye in a twinkle of your own eye - pure magic! A small metal plate pushes the thread through the needle eye and it peeks out at the side of the little machine. Grab the loop with your hand and pull one thread end completely through and take the needle out, putting your fingers over the eye to prevent the thread from coming out.. Your needle is threaded!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Linda Nason
    Wow! It really does work.

    I finally used this tool yesterday. After reading the directions (which are in TINY print), I put in my needle, then the thread, pushed the button, and it worked! I was also pleasantly surprised that it came with needles.

    Kathryn Prough
    Finally, a sturdy needle threader that works for all needles.

    I purchased a Hand Needle Threader for both myself and a friend. After a few minutes of confusion on how it works (the accompanying directions were not in English), we were able to decipher the photos and discover the “magic” of this tool. It threads all sizes of needles with ease. It even has a space to store needles. For years, I have relied upon flimsy tin threaders whose wire broke after a very short time. This needle threader is a much needed improvement.

    Kriss Prado

    This is easy to use and takes care of the frustration of trying to thread a needle.


    I purchased this for myself. However, my son gifted it to himself when he moved out LOL! I will be getting another one.

    carol ledford