Everything you need to know about the Madam Sew Sewist's Magic Wand

This multifunctional sewing and crafting tool can be used many different ways.
It can push, pull, and poke! Just like a stiletto but with even more features!


Feed fabric evenly under the presser foot of your sewing machine and push the fabric forward.

Push out corners when you turn sewing projects right-side out.

Hold down the fabric near the needle as you sew over ruffles and folded fabric

Finger press down seams with the flat edge on the end of the Sewist's Magic Wand to prevent the fabric from curling on the presser foot and hold down the edge of your hem while your are sewing

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Check on your 1/4 inch seam allowances as the flat square base is exactly 1/4 inch

Add stuffing to small or narrow items

Pull up bobbin thread from your machine

Easily remove pins that are too close to the sewing machine needle

Pull material through a casing using the 1/2 inch long slot as a bodkin. You can even thread it with a ribbon to wear around your neck for easy access!

Every quilter, crafter, or seamstress needs this versatile tool!


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