Everything you need to know about the Madam Sew Border Guide Foot

No need to mark every row beforehand! The Border Guide Foot helps you to easily match up your border designs or decorative stitches and sew evenly spaced lines. The two sets of vertical red lines allow you a perfect spacing of rows.

The Border Guide Foot is a clear snap-on foot. It has wings with red guides that help you make perfectly parallel rows of stitching. You can sew without measuring and marking. The horizontal line matches the needle drop point and the small red mark the center of the stitches.

The plastic glides over the fabric nicely while allowing you to view everything more easily. It will make your stitching more precise. Following the red guides is easier than using the guides on the needle plate.


The whole foot is 31/32” x 1 ⅞ “, so each wing is 15/16” wide. The first line is exactly ½” from the needle drop point. The second line is at 3/4”.


A Border Guide Foot is made for sewists and quilters who love sewing machine decorative stitches.
It allows you to sew multiple rows of decorative stitches all beautifully lined up. You can build up a border of decorative stitches, without having to mark every row beforehand.


  • A front button band on a blouse
  • Children's clothing
  • Home decorations such as placemats, table runners, tablecloths, or napkins
  • Bags, totes, and wallets

You can simply use this foot for sewing straight lines or for simple piecing. It’s great for measuring ½ inch wide spaces when sewing a Chenille blanket for example.

It’s also handy for creating channels, like corset boning channels, because the first line is exactly 1/2 inch.
Or for seams or top stitching when you need a little extra space than a regular foot offers.

You can even make your own lace! Take a piece of water soluble stabilizer and lay a piece of tulle over this. Stitch decorative rows with white thread in the bobbin and needle. Cut away excess tulle off and wash away the stabilizer.


All snap-on sewing machines except Bernina and PFAFF machines and some Husqvarna Viking models.

You can use this foot on:

  • a Bernina if you have the Bernina adapter + a low shank snap on adapter
a Pfaff or a Husqvarna Viking or on all screw-on machines if you have the low shank adapter
  • a high shank machine if you have the high shank adapter


The Border Guide Foot is a universal snap-on presser foot for low shank sewing machines. You just snap it on and off your presser foot holder.

With the right adapter, you can use the Border Guide Foot on almost any sewing machine:

The Low-Shank Snap On Adapter for a Pfaff, Husqvarna Viking (certain models) or any low-shank screw-on machine.

The Bernina Adapter + the Low Shank Snap On Adapter for a Bernina Machine

The High-Shank Adapter for a high shank machine.

For more information, visit our detailed blog post about shanks and universal presser feet. 

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1. Mark the fabric for the first row and also draw a horizontal start line if your starting point is not at the border of your fabric. In this way all your rows will start at the same spot. Your starting point is under the red horizontal line. Now ride the red mark in the center of the foot along your marked line for perfectly straight stitching

2. For row 2, simply line up row 1 between the two red lines on one side of the foot. Repeat on the other side of the foot for row 3 if you want your design to start from the middle

3. The first row stays clear of the feed dogs so you are not sewing on an uneven surface that could cause your stitching to veer off course

4. To stitch in between rows line up the two rows you have already stitched between the two inner red lines

5. As you sew, keep watching the guide lines, not the needle; this will allow your fabric to keep moving straight. Ideally, your previous line of stitching is between the two vertical red lines, so keep your eyes on the stitching between those lines.

6. Try out any of the built-in decorative stitches of your machine and make a beautiful design. If you have an embroidery machine, the possibilities are unlimited.



Border Guide Presser Foot

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