Adjustable guide presser foot: manual

If you need a precise line for a seam or a hem, the adjustable guide foot is a great help. It’s ideal for quilting or any project that requires consistent sewn seams or topstitching. Use the adjustable plastic guide on the right to choose your distance from the edge or from a row of stitching.

This presser foot is a big help for beginners but also the more experienced seamstresses are very happy with this tool to give their projects a more professional look.

The adjustable guide foot is a snap on foot with a plastic guide on the right and a distinctive click as you move in 1/16” increments. You can sew without measuring and marking. The plastic guide slides next to your fabric, in a crease, or on a row of stitching. It guides you from the top. You don’t have to peek underneath to look at the guides on your sewing plate or spend time drawing lines on the fabric.


Red marks on 3/8, 4/8, 5/8, 6/8 & 1 inch,

with small marks in between: 7/16, 9/16, 11/16, 13/16, 14/16, 15/16 & 17/16 inch

Width foot  = 1¾ inch

It’s best to start with a dummy project to determine how to create the exact seam width you want!  If you shift your needle, you have even more options.


Different uses

The adjustable guide foot makes sewing straight lines a breeze, on hems, seams or quilts. You use this foot in a similar fashion as the ¼ quilting foot but for various other, bigger widths. You can use both straight and decorative stitches with this foot.

You can use it for:

  • Topstitching even lines on a strap of a bag or a brim of a hat for example
  • Decorative hems
  • Straight seams and hems
  • Quilting
  • Accurate lines in general

Overall, this foot is a plus for anyone who struggles with keeping a perfect line without a distinct guide.

I don’t recommend this foot for thicker fabrics, as the plastic guide gets stuck in the fabric at times.

This foot fits

All snap-on sewing machines except Bernina and PFAFF machines and some Husqvarna Viking models.

You can use this foot on:

  • a Bernina if you have the Bernina adapter + a low shank snap on adapter
  • a Pfaff or a Husqvarna Viking or on all screw-on machines if you have the low shank adapter
  • a high shank machine if you have the high shank adapter


HOW TO put this foot on your machine?

The adjustable guide foot is a universal snap-on presser foot for low shank sewing machines. You just snap it on and of your presser foot holder.

With the right adapter, you can use it on almost any sewing machine on the market: You will need:

  • The low shank snap-on adapter for a Pfaff, a Husqvarna Viking (some models) or a low shank screw-on machine
  • The Bernina adapter + the low shank snap-on adapter for a Bernina
  • The high shank adapter for a high shank machine

You can find all these adapters in our store. The low shank adapter is a bonus adapter in the Ultimate 32 pcs Presser Foot Set. For more info on shanks and universal presser feet, read this blog post:


The adjustable guide foot guides from the top.

Simply line up the guide to the edge of your fabric, a line on your fabric, a row of stitching or a crease and then sew away, keeping the guide on the line, crease or edge. No marking or basting necessary.

The result is a perfect seam or an even line, which is ideal for quilting or any project that requires consistent sewn seams.

The adjustable guide foot makes sewing straight lines a breeze, on hems, seams or quilts!

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