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Best of 2020!

Hey everyone! With this year coming to an end, we thought of doing a recap of our most popular projects!
2020 hasn’t been an easy year and we just tried to make it easier for our community with lots of fun and easy DIY projects!

We are truly grateful to each and every one of you for being a part of this beautiful year with us

Here are our most popular tutorials and projects:

Masks have become a household essential and a lot of us in the sewing community stepped up to make these at home for our loved ones. At MadamSew, we made an easy to follow tutorial for making your fuss-free masks at home

Read the full blog here.
Watch the tutorial video here

A lot of people took to sewing during these Quarantine times - and it was definitely the best way to use up all the extra time and also be busy and anxiety-free during those unprecedented times.

Read the full blog here.

Who doesn’t love free quilting patterns, right? We compiled a list of our favorite quilt patterns from around the web.

Read the full blog here.

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This one was a FREE pattern + tutorial to make a pouch that you can use to store some basic sewing tools when you are away from home.

Read the full blog here.
Watch the tutorial video here

Ana made a beautiful open pouch with triangle quilt blocks! How gorgeous was the end result <3

Read the full blog here.
Watch the tutorial video here

We hope you enjoyed going through these. Which one was your favorite? Did you have any other favorites that we missed?

Also, what tutorials would you like to see in 2021?

Happy New Year to all from Team MadamSew :)

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I love the sewing machine quilt on the wall in your Canning Jar tutorial (which was very well presented thank you) I would like to know where that can be found I would love to make that too.


They are all good. I don’t have a favorite tutorial unless something strikes me. But what I have been seeing has been interesting in creating new things. Some I would like to try eventually. Like being informed as to what is happening at Madam Sew. I have ordered a few things and haven’t had any problems with the feet for my machine which I have ordered. I also see other things that are of interest to me.

Marti Polacik

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