10 Sewing Ideas For Father's Day!

Father’s Day is quickly approaching…or maybe you are looking for an easy sewing project you can make your man! Dads in particular and men in general, are all difficult to buy for, no? They don't seem to just want things because they are beautiful, like women do.  Men-things have to have a purpose, be useful, or be techie… At least, that’s what we think.. Are they less likely to enjoy homemade or handmade? No, they just enjoy other things than us. Find the right thing to make and he will be thrilled!

But yes, guys are a a bit of a challenge to sew for.  Sewing projects for men aren’t always easy to come by. That is why we’ve gathered a bunch for you here. For this blog we collected 10 Simple Sewn Gifts for Men that offer great presents for Father’s Day and birthdays but can also set you on track for a nice Christmas present for the special man in your life!

All projects listed also allow for your kids to join the fun and contribute to the special gift. Let the sewing become a special moment together with your kids! Dad will love getting a unique gift that was made with love by his family. That’s what Father’s Day is all about, no? Made with love :-)

1. Camp Chair Tote Bag

Dad will love this bag to hang on the handle of his camp chair. With this he will always have a fresh drink and his favorite magazine and/or newspaper at hand.

2. Super Speedy Suspenders

Let dad add some pizazz to his outfit with these cool suspenders. They can be made in less than ten minutes and take very few materials. The pattern is for kids suspenders but they are perfect for dad as well!

3. King of the grill apron

If your dad or husband loves cooking, especially outside in the summer time, you'll want to make him this King of the Grill Apron.

4. Reusable Coffee Sleeve

Turn an old button-up shirt in a stylish coffee sleeve. The perfect gift for coffee loving dads!

5. Rolled Hem Hankies

These are the perfect gift for a dad with class! Not only will he think of you every time he pulls one out of his pocket, but he’ll look good doing it!

6. Travel Shave Kit

Create a nifty, thrifty carry-on he can take with him everywhere he goes. It has handy compartments and a sleek design you can easily personalize with fabric that reflects his personality.

7. Mens wallet

Every man needs a new wallet now & then. This one uses up his old, favorite shirts. Perfect for Father’s Day!

8. Hunting gun sleeve

The perfect gift for those of you sewists who have a hunting type of man in your live.

9. Padded wine bag

Dad loves to be gifted wine but you hate it to just give a bottle? This quick to sew padded wine bag makes it a beautiful personalized gift while also protecting the precious contents.

10. Clip-on Bow Tie

Make your own clip-on bow tie is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day, especially if you have a little dude in the house who loves matching with dad.

Share your own father’s days ideas with your fellow readers and inspire us and each other in the comment section below!