Plastic Snap Buttons and Pliers - 360 Snaps + the Tools

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This bundle of Plastic Snap Buttons and Plastic Snap Pliers contains 360 standard size 20 snaps in 24 colors and the tool to attach them to any fabric. You get 15 snaps of each color in a transparent organizing box.

The snaps are a great alternative to buttons and Velcro. Having a box of snap buttons at hand with all these colors opens up a lot of possibilities. Use them for cosplay costumes, kids clothes, baby items or accessories such as purses, cases, and bags. Put them on mittens to keep them from disappearing. Attach them to towels to keep them from falling off the rack… Soon you’ll be snapping a lot of things!

The Plastic Snap Button Tool is all you need to attach plastic snaps to your projects. These professional hand held snap pliers are sturdy and durable. You can install plastic snaps of size 16 (T3), 20 (T5) and 22 (T8) with this tool.

Already have pliers? You can also buy the snaps separately!

Looking for the tool, not the snaps? Check out the deal for these durable snap pliers.


This plastic snap and pliers bundle comes with:

  • 360 plastic snaps = 15 snaps in 24 vivid colors 

    • Each snap consists of two caps, a stud and a socket. Since you need 4 pieces for each snap, there are 1440 pieces in the box!

    • Size: 20 / T5 (This is the standard and most popular size.), cap diameter = ½ inch

    • Material Snaps: Non-toxic resin

  • A sturdy transparent plastic organizing box

  • Stainless steel plastic snap pliers plus accessories:

    • An Awl

    • Screwdriver

    • 2 Rods

    • 3 Soft Plastic Covers

    • 3 Divots

The MadamSew Plastic Snaps Pliers can work with size 16 (T3), 20 (T5) and 22 (T8) snaps.

NOTE:  These pliers are not compatible with metal snaps.

You will love the ease and convenience of these snaps and  pliers. It only takes a few seconds to install a snap. Each snap consists of two caps, a stud and a socket.

  • Use the Awl to poke holes in your fabric for where the snaps will go in your project. 

  • You can change the rod and the divot (also referred to as dies) to match the different snaps. To use the Madam Sew snaps, you need the small rod (A) and the middle size divot (2). If you need/want to change the rod and the divot, you can use the little screwdriver that comes with the pliers. Just unscrew the two big gray screws for the rod or unscrew one little black screw for the divot.

For detailed instructions and a video on how to use the Plastic Snap Button Pliers to install plastic snaps view the Plastic Snap Button and Pliers Online Manual.

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Customer Reviews

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Don Petersen
Snaps & pliers

It works perfectly for my project.

Jane Westlind
360 pcs colorful snaps and pliers bundle

I recieved items quickly and they appear to be good quality. I have not used these yet, but look forward to. Thank you, MadamSew for your usual quality and consistently good communication!

Cheryl Jass
easy access

I have wanted that snap set for a long time. When they went on sale I got them. I have had some fun making bibs with the colored snaps...

Danice Cashin
Outstanding kit

Easy to use! This snap and tool kit has transformed my sewing projects. The snaps look professional, despite being so easy to attach by a hobbie sewer like myself.

Loretta Bent
Great little fasteners.

Easy to use. Looks great on my towels. Love them!