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The Ultimate Needle Threader Manual

This threader will work on all household sewing machines. As an added bonus, it not only is helpful as a needle threader, it also easily inserts the needle, too!

Parts of the needle threader:

Inserting a Needle

To insert the needle in the needle clamp of your machine, first place the needle in the hole on the end of the needle threader that has the inserter. For my machine, the flat end of the needle has to go into the clamp backwards, but some machines might require the needle to be inserted sideways, so that the eye of the needle is facing left. Either way, you can insert from the front or from the left side. Depending on how you are inserting the needle, and what your machine requires, you turn the flat end to the back or to the left.


Place the needle into the needle clamp shaft and raise the needle as high as you can. While the needle threader holds the needle in place, tighten the needle clamp as tight as you can by using the little screw on the right. Remove the needle threader tool and double check that the clamp is tightened well.

Before you start sewing, slowly turn the handwheel and move the needle up and down to make sure the needle doesn’t hit the needle plate. If this is the case, your needle likely isn’t inserted all the way into the shaft.

Threading the needle

a. Hold the needle threader with the white hook facing up.

b. Slip your thread strand horizontally into the Y groove of the pusher.

c. Place the needle threader so that the needle is vertically into the shaft of the Y groove.

d. Holding the thread fairly loosely, gently press the needle threader against the needle and slide the pusher down the shaft of the needle until the inner wire catches the eye of the needle.

e. Push the grip to insert the thread into the eye.

f. Slowly remove the pusher from the needle.

g. Insert the hook in the thread loop and pull the thread all the way through the needle.

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