Everything you need to know about Madam Sew's Precision Iron (discontinued)

The precision iron is a mini iron with a spade tip. This tool is small, compact, and easy to carry around. You can hold the precision iron like a pen. It has 3 temperature settings, heats up quickly, and comes with a stand to hold the hot iron when not in use. This iron prevents your fingers from burning when ironing small and difficult parts.


Read all of the instructions carefully before using the Precision Iron. The MadamSew Precision Iron has a US plug and can handle a maximum voltage of 110 V. The total dimensions are 0.88 x 0.38 inch. The cord measures 90 inches.

Keep your fingers firmly on the insulated handgrip at all times. Never touch the metal shaft as this becomes very hot! The metal shaft may change color a little, that is normal.



The small pointy tip is ideal for ironing small and difficult parts when sewing or quilting. Use your precision iron for (fusible) bias tape, applique, patchwork, doll making, paper crafting, quilting, hard to reach corners, sleeve seams or curved seams.

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To clean the sole of the tip, use a damp cloth. For harder to remove stains, use alcohol or iron cleaner.

The tip is removable (use the big screw on top) and measures 32mm x 22mm.


This wheely button is situated on the cord. The wheel only turns in one direction. If you hold the wheel with the OFF sign towards you, it turns counter clockwise. To turn it OFF or ON, turn the little wheel counter clockwise until you hear a click.

ON = when you see the flat part of the wheel
OFF = when you only see little teeth on the wheel

When turning the power on for the first time, the shaft of the mini iron may emit a small amount of smoke. This is not a defect and will quickly disappear.



* Low : +/- 220°F
* Medium : +/- 390°F
* High : +/- 560°F


When not in use, you can rest the hot tip of the iron on this little stand for a while and use it to let the iron cool down before storing it away. The iron will take approximately 15 minutes to cool. Be sure to allow the iron to cool completely before storing.


THE IRON GETS REALLY HOT! KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN! The shaft and tip are very hot when in use. To avoid burning your fingers: Do not touch the metal shaft and iron tip of the Precision Iron while it is (still) hot. Do not touch the iron part of the stand when the iron is resting on it, it also heats up.