mobile of Madam Sew 32pcs Presser Foot Set!!!!!!

32 High Quality Feet in a Super Organizer Case

Get 32 presser feet + bonus adapter + printed and video instructions + deluxe organizer case for the price of a few feet bought separately!

With free DVD and App for iPhone, iPad and Android with video instructions for all feet ($20 value)!

+ Free Gift, Choose from 3!
Your Price : $59.99  (Retail Price: 119.99)  
”32 pieces for the equivalent of just THREE feet from my sewing machine stockist"

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Our Favorite Features

High Quality - Organized - Detailled Instructions

We have made this set as much with our customers as for our customers. We listened to every suggestion from every customer that bought our previous presser foot set and turned all this input into this set that truly delivers.


High Quality Presser Feet

All the presser feet you will ever need. Snuggly fit in numbered slots. They will not fall out when you drop the box and you will always find the foot you need in a breeze.

Compact Organizer Case

Easy storage and transportation. Great protection from drops and impacts! Numbered slots make finding the presser foot you need a breeze!

Watch 'n' learn the way you want

Unleash the power of all the feet by learning to use all of them. Read the booklet, watch the DVD, swipe through the free App or browse the online manual. You'll know exactly what to do with each foot.

Stylish Package

We crafters, do not only want useful stuff, we want it to be eye pleasing as well. We have designed our package just for that. To make this a nice gift for yourself as well as for a loved one.

Get Overview

With 32 brand new presser feet you can easily be overwhelmed by the abundance. This overview gives you a pictured list with all the names with numbers to easily find the foot you need in the right numbered slot!


Bonus Adapter

The presser feet in this set are universal snap-on pieces. Does your low shank machine not use snap-on pieces, we have you covered with this low shank snap-on adapter. Have a Bernina machine? We have you covered too... read on!

Countless Options
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The sky’s the limit to what all you can do with your new pressure feet set. Here are a few ideas: 
  • Put in an invisible zipper 
  • Make fine and elegant hems
  • Easily Add Bias binding to whatever you are making 
  • Stitch-in-the-ditch like a pro 
  • Top stitch the perfect neckline 
  • Add embellishments like braid or ruffles 
  • Add beautiful machine quilting texture to your quilts
  • Satin Stitch with ease
Our customers LOVE it !
"I bought this set and love, love, love it. I had bought the set from another company and it came in a flimsy case and only had an e-book. I wanted to have the instructional booklet right in front of me instead of having to look it up on the computer in the middle of sewing. Madam Sew' s product came in a very nice plastic container with nice insets for the individual feet and all clearly marked. I also received a color guide that fits in the lid of the plastic container for extra fast reference. There are videos available with your downloaded e-book. The difference in price is well worth the investment to get the better kit for it's going to get many years of use. I gave the other kit to my girlfriend so it wouldn't go to waste. Thank you Madam Sew, your customer service is very responsive. I will continue to do business with your company."
+ Free Gift, Choose from 3!
Your Price : $59.99  (Retail Price: 119.99)  
”32 pieces for the equivalent of just THREE feet from my sewing machine stockist"
Retail Price: 119.99
Your Price : $59.99
Universal Snap-On System
This set features 32 pieces that snap on easily. 
It’s one thing to have serious sewing skills, but you’ll get stunning results when using these feet. By adding them to your machine, you’ll notice that sewing projects are completed in a fraction of the time. The best part is that you also get a bonus adapter that will help you fit the set to all low shank sewing machines. 
This product is a top seller for good reason.  
Its universal appeal and use means that people can use these feet for any project and virtually any machine. In fact, if your machine uses a low-shank system and was crafted after the year 1980, the feet will fit! Have no fear – it fits flawlessly on low shank models of Husqvarna Viking, Juki, Necchi, New Home, Singer, Brother, Toyota and more. PFAFF? It perfectly fits Pfaff sewing machines with a low shank as well. 
The technical stuff  
Are you not sure if your machine is a low shank? With the presser foot in down position, measure the distance between the thumb screw (the one you use to attach presser feet to your machine) and the stitch plate. A low shank machine measures between 1/2" and 3/4".  
Bernina sewing machines use a completely different system for attaching presser feet. That might seem like bad news, but with the suitable adapter from our shop, you will be able to use everything in this set anyway! 
Try it risk-free 
Your satisfaction is our first priority, and we make sure you are highly satisfied with our one-of-a-kind product. If this set doesn't fit your machine we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked. You've nothing to lose, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of our remarkable money-back guarantee. 
The Pieces Are Crafted With The Utmost Quality 
Cheap, flimsy feet create only low quality sewing projects. Since you or family members deserve the finest sewed materials, you can’t half-step when it comes to the tools that get the job done. You’ll notice right away that this feet kit is made with nothing but the finest quality material. This will be confirmed once you attach them to your machine and get working. The results are stunning and the kit is incredibly compact, ensuring the best overall functionality. When you use this kit, you’ll have everything you need, whether you’re handling hemming, bias binding, topstitching, embellishments and so much more! We take our product quality seriously, which is why production was moved to Taiwan. You’ll have no problem caring for these feet, because they’re stored in a heavy duty, durable storage box that you’ll be proud to carry around.
+ Free Gift, Choose from 3!
Your Price : $59.99  (Retail Price: 119.99)  
”32 pieces for the equivalent of just THREE feet from my sewing machine stockist"
Easy-To-Understand Instructions  
Worrying about how to use all those snap-on feet pieces? Want to get step-by-step instructions on how to use it? We've got you covered! You will receive an easy to understand manual that will show you all the ins and outs of using the pieces effortlessly. Not only this, you will get access to high quality video tutorials for each of the 32 feet.
Printed Manual 
As soon as you crack open the box and breeze through the instruction manual, you’ll see just how easy these feet are to use and how it will revolutionize your sewing projects. The manual is simple to reference, since everything is numbered and since the feet are stored in organized slots. Some of the quality pieces packed in this nifty kit include a 1/4" quilting foot, an invisible zipper foot, a smoothly rounded hemmer foot and several adjustable feet that are installed without issue.
Get ready to make your sewing projects – in a breeze! 
Online Manual  
For in-depth instructions about every foot you can access our digital manual. You can print this comprehensive manual or open it with your computer, tablet or phone. Either way, you will be able to access a video tutorial and a blog post tutorial on every single one of the 32 feet and the bonus adapter.
Check out the example tutorial at the left and see how this Ultimate Presser Foot Set will really lift your sewing skills to the next level.
Get ready to make your sewing projects – flawless!  
The DVD that comes included with the set has tutorials for all the 32 presser feet in the set. Learn what you can do with every single one and how on your television. Watching the tutorials becomes as easy as pushing the play button on your remote control.
A nice bonus: every tutorial has subtitles you can easily turn on or off.
Tutorial App for Phone and Tablet
Everything you need to make maximum use of the Madam Sew Presser Foot Set - or any loose feet you may hold-, neatly together in one place.
Descriptions, written tutorials, video tutorials for every single foot: right there in the app. Clear, concise, intuitive: super practical. You’ll love it!


So how much does it cost?
If you take a look at the wonderful products our kit comes with, it's just priceless! 
  • 32 presser feet (average cost $15-20) = $480-$640 
  • Bonus adapter = $ 25 
  • A detailed manual that shows you everything you need to know about using the product = Invaluable 
  • 32 videos that make your learning process a breeze = $220 
  • 32 tutorials to help you get started effortlessly = $150 
  • Instructional DVD = $20
  • App for iPhone/iPad/Android = $20
TOTAL VALUE: $905 - $1075 
Now, we are not going to charge you this (even though it’s a genuine price). We know how much you love sewing and bringing your ideas to a reality. 
We will be selling this premium kit at a special bundle deal price of $119.99 only.  And what is even better, with this promotion you will get it at 50% off for only $59.99

So, you can get your hands on the best Presser Foot Set 32pcs at this special price if you act right now!
+ Free Gift, Choose from 3!
Your Price : $59.99  (Retail Price: 119.99)  
”32 pieces for the equivalent of just THREE feet from my sewing machine stockist"