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Light Strip - Manual

The strip is 12 inches long and 5/16 inch wide. It has 24 led lights.

The color of the light is clean white with a hint of blue. This is specifically chosen as it improves concentration and allows you to see the details of your project more clearly.

With this set you have everything you need to install & use the light strip right away: the light strip itself with adhesive backing, an ON & OFF switch, 5 adhesive clips, and 4 power cord organizers.

  • You can cut the 12 inch light strip to a size that fits your sewing machine’s arm. Just use your household scissors and cut on the marked lines.
  • The light strip itself has adhesive backing to stick to your sewing machine’s arm.
  • The power cord is 98 inches long and has a USB attachment plus a certified USB adapter.
  • You also get 5 clips with adhesive backing to attach the power cord and the ON & OFF switch neatly to your machine.
  • With the 4 black velcro cord organizers, you can neatly attach the light strip’s power cord to your sewing machine’s power cord and keep them from getting tangled.

How to attach the light strip to your sewing machine

You will only need to do this once.


The best place to attach the Sewing Machine Light Strip is the bottom side (= the inside) of your sewing machine’s arm, so that you have light on your sewing machine’s bed where your fabric and stitches are.

Clean the surface of the machine’s arm and let it dry so the adhesive on the Light Strip will stick firmly to your sewing machine.


The Light Strip is resizable; you can customize it to fit your machine’s arm. Use a measuring tape to estimate how long the light strip should be.

Don’t measure all the way to the sewing machine’s bed, because the cable has to be able to bend to the back. Stay at least 1 inch away from the bed.


Take your Light Strip and cut it to the size you need. Start measuring from the power cord attachment.

Important: Only cut the Light Strip along the black lines indicated between the 4 copper dots to make it fit your sewing machine’s neck.

WARNING: Do not cut the Light Strip while it’s plugged in!


Peel off the adhesive backing on the Light Strip to stick the strip along your sewing machine’s arm.

Slowly and carefully push the strip up against the sewing machine, starting at the power cord attachment.
Once it’s in the right location, press the strip firmly so the adhesive has a tight grip.


Secure the power cord of the Light Strip in place and out of your way with the adhesive clips (colored green in the drawings).

Peel off the back of the clips and stick them to your sewing machine. Then, pull the power cord through the clips.

Our suggestions on where to attach the strip & the clips

If you just want to attach the power cord to your machine (Without the on/off switch), you need 3 clips (colored green in the drawing) to lead the cable to the back side of your sewing machine and towards the power cord of your sewing machine. In step 6 you will use the red cord organizer in the set to neatly bundle the power cords of the lighting kit and your sewing machine cords.

If you also want to attach the switch on your machine, use 2 extra clips (colored green in the drawings) to hold the switch. A good place to attach the switch is below the hand wheel. This way, It won’t be in the way of your cover box when you store away your machine. You can choose to guide the power cord along the BACK or along the FRONT of your machine.


Attach the USB adapter to the Light strip and plug in the power supply to switch on the light.

Use the velcro cord organizers to bundle the power cord together with your sewing machine power cord.

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