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MANUAL - Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Pens

How to Use Your Gel Pens

Before you Start

First, test the pen on a piece of scrap fabric to be sure that the pen works with the fabric you would like to use. Be extra careful with non-washable fabrics like silk. With a new pen, you might need to scribble on a piece of paper or cloth for a couple of seconds if the ink doesn’t flow smoothly.



Write with the pen on your fabric, where you want & as much as you want. Choose a color that contrasts with your fabric.
  • The white pen is recommended for marking on black or dark colored fabrics. The white ink does not appear right away when you start marking. There is always a short delay until the ink actually becomes visible.
  • The red, blue, and black pens are good for lighter and printed fabrics.


Use the marks for your sewing project: your seams, hems, topstitching, straight lines, embroidery design, position of your embellishments, ...



Grab you iron to remove the marks. Heat your iron to 180F/80°C minimum and go over your project to make the marks disappear. To remove the marks from spots that are hard to reach with your iron, you can also put your project in a tumble dryer at a high temperature, or heat the marks with your hairdryer.

The gel will not damage your iron, as it dissolves with heat. It will not stick to the sole plate of your iron, as the iron doesn’t physically take on the gel.

How to replace a refill

To change the ink in the pen casing: Unscrew the front tip (metal part) of the pen and remove the used pen refill from the pen casing. Remove the little plastic cap from the refill and insert the new refill and replace the tip (screw-on).

2: Remove the little cap of the new refill.

1: Unscrew the front tip & remove the old refill.

3: Put the new refill in the casing.

4: Screw the metal tip back on the pen.

Extra tips for use

  • In very rare cases, the pens may leave ghost marks after erasing with your iron. You can remove those marks by hand washing.

  • The marks come back when you expose them to a temperature below 32F/0°C. If you have made something that will be exposed to freezing cold, be sure to wash the marks out. A machine wash will not completely remove the marks, though hand washing your project will remove the ink and prevent the marks from reappearing.

  • Don't expose your unfinished projects to direct, strong sunlight near windows or in your car for as long as you still need the marks. The marks will disappear when exposed to high temperatures.

  • We advise you to cap the pens tightly after use. Be sure to use your pens within 5 months after purchase. The special gel ink doesn’t stay fresh forever, and they may dry out. So don’t stock up too many refills. At MadamSew we always have a fresh stock for you.

  • Don’t throw away your pen casings if you run out of marking ink. You can order refills at our store,

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