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Everything you need to know about MadamSew's Handy Ruler Grip

This Handy Ruler Grip makes a little handle for your ruler. With the help of this little thing, you can grab your ruler quickly, move it around easily and put it in the exact position needed for marking and cutting.

How to install

NOTE: To install the ruler grip on your ruler make sure the surface of both the suction cup and the ruler are clean. Remove dust with a damp cloth.

1. Pull the grip handles open

madamsew red handy ruler grip unlocked (handles open)

2. Push the suction cup down firmly on your ruler (give it a little wiggle to make sure the entire surface area of the cup is touching the ruler)

madamsew red handy ruler grip pushed onto ruler

3. Squeeze the grips back together.

madamsew red handy ruler grip locked onto ruler (handles pushed together)

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4. The grip is now firmly attached to the ruler

madamsew red ruler grip firmly attached to (gripping) ruler

madamsew red ruler grip firmly attached to (gripping) ruler

Storage note:

Keep your ruler grip stored in the unlocked/unsuctioned position to ensure a strong grip in every use!

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