Ultimate Needle Inserter and Threader for Sewing Machines

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This needle thread helps insert and thread the sewing machine needle more easily.

Watch the video below: it speaks for itself. Makes it SO easy, it's almost scary.

NEEDLE THREADING: Just place the thread from right to left through the slit in the threader (1) , slide the threader down the needle (2) until the pin pushes the thread through the needle eye (3). The hook on the threader can then be used to pull the thread completely through (5).

It works best with machine needles size 70/11 and larger.

CHANGING A NEEDLE: At the opposite side of the threader is a needle inserter. There is a tiny hole for holding the sewing machine needle while you easily insert it into the machine. This feature is extra popular with people owning a serger/overlocker!

Warning: Watching the amazing video will most likely result in you adding this to cart. :-)

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