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The MadamSew App Is Here!

Check Out Our BRAND NEW app: a sewing feet assistant on your tablet and phone

I’ve got amazing news to share. I am extremely excited (and just KNOW you will be too) to announce something we’ve developed with only our customers in mind. Everybody owning specialty presser feet like for example a bias binding foot, a stitch-in-the-ditch foot, a darning foot, ... will love this. And if you have an ultimate presser foot set, you definitely have to read on.

[spoiler alert]  Yes, it’s FREE! 😉

We were the first to add a printed booklet to our ultimate presser foot set, to clearly number the presser feet in the box, to provide an online manual, whilst making clear videos and tutorials of every presser foot we sell. Then we added the ultra popular DVD and now we’ve taken things a step further still.

It’s what we love doing, at Madam Sew. It’s why I started this company!

Making any type of sewing or quilting easier and more affordable for enthusiasts like you is what Madam Sew is all about.

Being able to give back, to help customers be better again, is what makes us tick.

Soooooooo… what is it we got in store for you?

...Drum Roll…

The Madam Sew PRESSER FOOT app indeed!

With this app you will have your very own presser foot assistant at hand on your phone or tablet wherever you take your sewing.

You probably first found us on Facebook, on your phone or tablet, right? Well, this app will be just the thing for you. Everything you need to make maximum use of the Madam Sew Presser Foot Set - or any loose feet you may hold - , neatly together in one place.

Descriptions, written tutorials, video tutorials for every single foot: right there in the app. Clear, concise, intuitive: super practical. You’ll love it!

After installing the app you will find this icon on your phone or tablet.

Tap it to launch the app. Be sure to be connected to the internet (wifi or mobile data) while starting up and using the app. You will see this screen when the app is ready for use.

You are now in the overview part of the app. You can swipe to the next page of the overview or click on the page numbers at the top to navigate to a specific page.

To go to the tutorials and videos, tab on tutorials at the bottom right. You will see an overview of the 32 presser feet that are explained in the app.

Scroll up or down to find the presser foot you want to learn more about and tap it. You arrive at the details page for that specific presser foot. If you tap foot #27, the stitch-in-the-ditch foot, you will see this screen.

At the bottom you see two buttons. One brings you to the video tutorial about that presser foot, the other one brings you to the written tutorial.

Please be sure to stay connected to the internet while using the app. We have made it as light as possible so you can use it on any device but that makes that the tutorials and videos have to be taken in through the internet while using the app.

So that’s it. Enjoy!

Get the PRESSER FOOT app straight away at no charge. A gift from us to you!



Co-Founder of Madam Sew.

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  • Lorna Cravey on

    I would like to get the Dvd so I can get the app

  • Bonniejean Pearson on

    When I wrote you about something that I could give to my granddaughters now so that when I am gone, they will be able to identify the different feet for their use. Both started sewing when they were 4. I sewed as a youngster but there were years of growing up that I didn’t, until I had my children to sew for. I bought everyone of my 4 granddaughters a sewing machine and all the paraphenalia needed to sew. (Much of that came from you.)
    I bought them your box of presser feet. Then it dawned on me. They are not going to know how to use them in 10-20 years.
    I am so glad to know that you pay attention to our comments and totally impressed that you acted on them!
    Thank you sew much!
    I’ll be a buyer until I die, but your items and materials will last into the future.
    Bonniejean Pearson

  • Leslie Connell on

    What an amazing addition to the ultimate sewing foot set that I already have. The app will be always at hand. Thank you!

  • Penelope Weaver on

    I have the Ultimate set and I am trying out each foot. The DVD has been very helpful but now to have the app on my phone and have the instructions right there at my machine with me will be great! Your web site is so informative. I love it!

  • Windy on

    I don’t have a cell phone or tablet. Love my presser feet. Thanks for sharing.

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