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Sewing a Vinyl Zippered Bag

Sewing a Vinyl Zippered Bag

Sometimes it is fun to have special bags for taking trips or sewing classes. With a cute sewing motif and a clear vinyl bottom, you can easily see what is inside while showing your love of sewing.  

This bag is quick and easy to make with the roller foot from your Madam Sew Presser Foot Set, and a pack of Sewing Clips.

Begin with the following pieces:

Sewing Motif Fabric
2 pieces 3-inches x 11-inches
2 pieces 2-inches x 3-inches

Clear Vinyl
2 pieces 6-inches x 11 inches

1 9-inch zipper

Start by pressing the 1x3” fabric pieces for the tabs on the zipper. Press the short ends to the wrong side about 1/4-inch. Then, meeting the folded ends, press in half, wrong sides together.

Place the tabs over the zipper ends, making sure the folded edges line up on both the top side and underside of the zipper ends. Be sure not to sew over the zipper itself, or the zipper stops. This will lengthen the zipper and keep the ends tidy.

Place the zipper on one of the 3x11-inch fabric pieces, with the right sides together along the 11-inch side of the fabric. Use sewing clips to hold the zipper in place instead of pins. The clips hold the zipper without distorting it like pins do. Sew the zipper to the fabric with a 1/4-inch seam.

Repeat for the other side. Flatten out the fabric and zipper, and stitch along the folded edge to finish it.

Next, from the Presser Foot Set, find the #7 Roller Foot. This will help with the vinyl as it will roll instead of sticking to the vinyl. Change the foot on your machine to the roller foot. Line up the vinyl 11-inch side with the fabric. Hold with clips, stitch with a 1/4-inch seam.

On the wrong side, finger press the seam towards the fabric side. It is hard to see, but the vinyl in the picture below is extended to the right. Top-stitch the seam in the center of the seam allowance to keep it flat inside the bag.

Repeat for the other side.

Unzip the zipper to have a way to turn it right side out when the bag is finished. Clip the front and back of the bag together, meeting the vinyl to vinyl, and fabric to fabric, lining up the seams on the sides.

Sew from the zipper, down one side, across the bottom and up the other side to the zipper again.

Clip the corners off the vinyl at an angle near the seam corner. This will make the next steps easier by reducing the bulk.

Now, box the corners. Arrange the vinyl so that the corner is at the point, by pulling the front and back sides apart, and then line up the side seam line over the bottom seam at each bottom corner. Mark a line 1-1/2-inches from the point using a white marker.

Sew on the line drawn. Repeat for the other side.

Turn right side out through the open zipper. Push the corners out.

Add a sewing charm to the zipper pull for a cute detail.

Finished and ready to fill with your sewing tools!

Easy to make, fast to sew, and would make a nice gift as well.

The sewing clips are useful for any project that needs holding together for sewing when pins won’t work. Vinyl and leather are just two ideas, but you can also use them for sewing delicate synthetics like silk where pins might snag. There are lines on the clear side marking 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch,

This line is great for quilt binding as well, making sure your 1/4-inch is accurate.

Have fun using your new vinyl bag!

This bag is quick and easy to make with the roller foot from your Madam Sew Presser Foot Set, and a pack of Sewing Clips.

I’d love to invite you to visit my blog, From My Carolina Home, for more fun projects, quilt alongs and mystery quilts! My blog is a variety of subjects, quilting and sewing, tablescapes and recipes, book reviews and hand stitching, gardening and travel, crafting and mountain living. New readers and followers are always welcome!

Happy Sewing!!
Carole @ From My Carolina Home


  • I have been sewing for many years, enjoy any new tips, I am so pleased with the tutorials. I have many attachments but don’t know how to use them. With the tutorials makes it easy. Thanks, Esther

    Esther Barney
  • I tried sewing on vinyl after reading another tutorial and wasnt completely satisfied with my results. This was well written and easy to follow. Thank you.

  • I love sewing on the vinyl, to make it easier to turn right side out I use a blow dryer to heat the vinyl just a little and it makes it more flexible to turn

    Karen Pedzinski
  • My email doesn’t have an “o” in Carson…sorry for the confusion.
    I’m. always looking for new ideas for my Grandchildren to sew. I think this looks like a fun and simple project for them to try. I’ll make one first just to be sure. Thanks for the excellent tutorial!

    Nancy Carson
  • What a great tutorial

    Sandy Sanders

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