Shine a Light on our Facebook Group for October 2022 | Madam Sew

Shine a Light on our Facebook Group for October 2022

Our MadamSew Facebook Group is a vibrant community of sewists and quilters from around the world - sharing their everyday lives, their projects, and their tips and tricks!

Let’s shine a light on selected members of our Facebook Sewing Group for October, 2022.
These members are being recognized for specific projects and the totality of their work.

Projects of the Month

Noel makes beautiful, fun, unique clothes for her family, especially her kids. This flouncy coat really caught our eye and apparently her daughter lives in it. Noel has some beautiful seaside pics of her daughter playfully modeling this coat on the sea shore.

Saundra loves making clothes for her grandkids and great grandkids. We love everything about the long sleeve hoodie with matching pants that she made for her grandson. We’re hoping it was a sort of collaboration and he had some say in the bold and unexpected colors and fabric. Quirky and Fearless!

Kate, her husband, and two daughters do all the beadwork and sewing of the full regalia they wear to their powwows. So beautiful, so joyous, and so intricate. And how special that they do this together as a family?

Her little girl had her heart set on being a witch so Chelsea conjured up this simple yet absolutely perfect costume. She put a spell on us! Don’t you think this little girl will cherish this outfit forever?

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Members of the Month

Monique has a unique kinship with chic elongated silhouettes that have a vintage sensibility but are totally modern. Also, she looks smashing in all of her creations. Here are just a few.

Sheri is a joyous seamstress or really a seamstress of joy. All of her creations make us smile. You can’t help it! She often creates matching outfits for herself and her husband which are absolute head turners. Enjoy!

Racael has been knocking herself out creating fun outerwear and casual wear. She’s also been knocking us out with her discipline and passionate commitment to her sewing practice. We feel fortunate to be part of her creative experience.

Sophie Magico? More like Sophie Magical! This woman makes such lovely garments and photographs them in such a way that this is where we want to live and only want to wear the clothes she makes.

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