How To Find Matching Fabric Colors Using A Color Wheel

Playing with a color wheel is a great way to learn about personal color preferences and discover new ways to combine colors. In this post I’ll show you some simple yet very powerful color matching rules based on a color wheel. You can use them for inspiration or to double check your gut feeling.

primary colors

The three primary colors are red, yellow and blue. They are a great choice when you want to make something with only one color. Also combining the three primary colors works perfect!

complimentary colors

Complementary colors are on opposite sides of the color wheel. Combined together they create the strongest contrast.

How to find them on the wheel?

Pick any color and trace your finger directly across the wheel to the other side of the wheel.


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Analogous Colors

Analogues colors are neighbors on the color wheel. They create a harmonious and cohesive combination.

How to find them on the wheel?

Just pick any one color on the wheel, then choose the color that is located on the right or the left of the one you chose.


Now go ahead and have fun with all your fabric scraps, combining them using the simple rules in this post.

All the fabrics I used in this post are available from the fabrics section on our website:

Do you have another specific method to find matching colors for your projects or do you use your gut? Please let me know in the comment section below, I love to hear and learn from all of you too!

The content of this blog post is based on a great blog post by Ola on the .