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Find your sewing buddies online: Be a part of a community

It can be difficult to find and connect with other sewists in real life. However, isn’t it just awesome to find someone who understands the effort you must’ve put to make that lovely dress or quilt? Or sharing your experience of a bad sewing day with frequent visits from the seam ripper?

Finding such communities/local groups can be a task - so we have something perfect for you - our Facebook group which is especially for sewists!

Now share your projects, sewing knowledge, tips, ideas with fellow like minded sewists from around the world!

Here’s all you can do on our Facebook group, which by the way, is growing by the day! We are close to touching 10k members soon! With members from all around the world, and hundreds of daily project updates from sewists - our Facebook group is here to celebrate your sewing achievements as well as to help you out whenever there's a roadblock!

Share your sewing stories (and learn about others’!)

Share your beautiful creations!

Keep everyone updated about your projects!

Join our Sewing Club!

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Discuss the everyday “struggles” :D

Grow your sewing knowledge!

Join now and enjoy sewing even more with your own community!

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Feel free to email us at if you have any suggestions/feedback regarding the group!

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I only ‘found’ you last week. Living in Australia and sewing for a lifetime your group seems to be for me .
Merry Christmas and a happy prosperous New Year to all at this site.

Catherine Ann Woodward

I first learned to sew in the 7th grade. However I was never taught how to put the waist band on my skirt.

I sewed many a Barbie doll outfit for my little sister, until she became to old for dolls.

Fast forward to 2020. My little sister is now 41 and I am 50. I have kids and grandbabies. This pandemic hits and I buy a used sewing machine to make masks for my daughter to use at work. I actually created my own pattern using a disposable as my guide.

I had several orders to get out, and my used machine died. My husband attempted to fix it, but no good. So I bought a new machine.

I have sold hundreds of my masks, and have started adding other items. My next personal goal is to sew a skirt for myself and complete it this time.

I have kept some of every fabric that was used for masks, and my first quilt will be made from those scraps. It will be called the “Pandemic” quilt.


Sandy Gomez. I have a Singer machine just like the one you bought. It was my mothers. She said they bought it second hand when they got married in ’41. I got it when she died cause I was the only one that sewed. I planned on using it when we had a hurricane and the lights went out but so far I have not used it. Would like to get rid of it. I also have my grandmothers Singer electric one of the first made. Her daughter bought it for Christmas one year. How ever it does need to be rewired since the wire is cracked. My grandmother taught me to sew when I was 5 years old. Of course it was not really sewing but I was ahead of the group when we started sewing in school. I had made all my school clothes when I went into 7th grade.

Marie Edmiston

Has anyone ever covered patio umbrellas. I have two 12 feel ones. I have the canvas, double sided tape, hot knife, canvas thread and etc. Anyone have any tips for suggestions?

Janice Eileen Bobby

I started sewing when I was 6years old got hold of a pillow case and a pattern and cut out half a blouse . Sewed it up on the old treadle machine before mom got into the house from the garden . Of course I had not been to school yet so I could not read the cutting instructions. Well needless to say when she came in I got a very stern reprimand and was warned if I wanted to see I was to wait for her. Well I have been sewing since it was 57 years ago and I still would like to sit down and see every day

Eleanor widdowson

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