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Best in SEW!

November Inspiration from the MadamSew Facebook Groups

Our MadamSew Facebook Groups are a vibrant community of sewists and quilters from around the world - sharing their everyday lives, their projects, and their tips, tricks and hacks about sewing and quilting! It truly is an encouraging, inspiring, talented and generous sewing community that was built over the years. Check it out for yourself or read on!

Because not all of you are on Facebook, here’s a snapshot of what was popular in our Facebook Sewing Group and Quilting Group in November 2022.

Oh the power and beauty of this image! Especially to a quilter.

Thanks to Becky Borntreger for sharing.

These quilts were all made by her quilt group this year!

Connie made a memory apron for her sister-in-law. It looks like this wonderful lady is being embraced with warmth and happiness.

This talented designer from the Netherlands is very proud to share this colorful coat with so many stripes and seams. Kudos to you, Marieke, job well done!

Debra may or may not know that she has created a lasting memory with these adorable outfits. These kids will never forget these unforgettable get-ups.

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Our friend Doris is incredibly prolific and everything she makes for herself suits her to a T and seems to fill her with joy. What’s not to love?.

Lee’s work is exceptionally exuberant. He has a great sense of color and a real eye for design. Here is something he told me about quilts. “Quilts are like music; they are meant to be seen and heard. A quilt stuffed in a drawer or closet is like a piece of music that spends its entire life inside a piano bench and is never played.”

Be a part of our encouraging, inspiring, talented and generous sewing community. Join our sewing group here and our quilting group here. Join both! We know you’ll fit right in.

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new to sewing and this blog. What’s a good way to start sewing garments? I am trying quilt making right now to get acquainted with my machine/cutting skills/etc. Thank you

keep dancin

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